The Spit Flower
Airdate: October 19, 1993

Kimberly shows Tommy her float that was created for the peace parade.
Bulk and Skull show up to cause trouble, but are driven away by their allergies to the flowers.
Rita won't tollerate the notion of peace and plans to interrupt their celebration.
Tommy and Kimberly soon find themselves surrounded by Putties.
The other Rangers show up just in time to assist them in finishing off the Putties.
But not before the Putties completely wreck poor Kimberly's float.
Rita demands Finster to create her a monster that can turn flowers evil. He creates Spit Flower.
Before he has to go, Tommy tries to cheer Kimberly up, but she is too disappointed.
The Rangers are summoned to the Command Center by Zordon.
Zordon informs them of the Spit Flower and his power to turn flowers into ravenous floral.
The Rangers find the Spit Flower to be quite a challenge.
The Green Ranger shows up to assist the other Rangers just as the monster grows.
The Rangers form the Mega Dragonzord, but not even that can penetrate the Spit Flower.
Zordon summons the Rangers back to the Command Center to regroup. The Spit Flower has an armor with very few weak spots.
Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull are the latest victims of the Spit Flower's attacks.
Zordon sends the Rangers back out with information on the Spit Flower's weak point. Tommy is asked to remain there for backup.
The Pink Ranger uses her Power Bow to fire an arrow at the Spit Flower's weak spot.
The Spit Flower's armor is penetrated and his strength decreases.
The Rangers form the Power Blaster to finish the job.
With the Power Blaster, the Spit Flower is finally destroyed.
Later on, Tommy recruits Alpha to help him fix Kimberly's float. Although he only manages to get into a sticky situation.
Rita is again furious at yet another failure. This brings on another one of her headaches.
As the Rangers watch the parade on television, Tommy convinces Kimberly to watch it despite her not wanting to.
Much to her surprise, she sees her float in the parade and is thankful of her friends for helping her out.
Just then, Bulk and Skull show up to start trouble only to be sent away sneezing from some flowers.
The Rangers laugh as they enjoy the remainder of the parade.
  • I wonder why the Green Ranger never shows up until it's time to call the Dinozords.
  • The Spit Flower is a nickname for Floraexpectarosa
  • Why did the Spit Flower return to normal size anyway? That was a little too convenient.