Life's a Masquerade
Airdate: October 30, 1993

The Rangers are decorating for a costume party at the Youth Center.
Bulk and Skull show up to cause trouble as usual when Bulk ends up with a can of pain on his head.
Rita has plans of her own and has Finster create Frankenstein to keep the Rangers busy.
The Rangers all dress up in their costumes and are off to the party. Tommy will be coming later.
Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull experiment with different costume ideas.
Zack tries to turn on the charm with Angela, but not even King Tut is good enough for her.
To the Rangers' surprise, Alpha 5 shows up at the party knowing that people will just think he's in costume.
Alpha seems to be a real hit with the ladies. Zack comments that Alpha's having more luck than he is.
Frankenstein shows up at the party looking for the Rangers.
But after things heat up on the dance floor, he puts Skull in his place.
Suspicious of who this costumed Frankenstein is, Sherlock Billy follows him into the woods.
Billy follows him into a cave where the villains seem to be up to no good.
Rita and her minions are mining for Super Putty, a much stronger version of the stuff that Finster currently uses.
Billy must face off against Frankenstein as the Blue Ranger.
The villains are finally able to get all of the Super Putty from the cave.
Rita uses her magic to move the Super Putty to her Moon Palace.
Billy warns the other Rangers about their current situation.
On his way to the party, Tommy is surrounded by Putties.
At the Command Center, Zordon informs the Rangers that Frankenstein is attacking.
The Power Rangers morph into action to stop him, but this monster is quite powerful.
Rita makes Frankenstein grow and he is so strong that he owns the Megazord.
Tommy finally shows up and they form the Mega Dragonzord to finally bring down the monster.
The Mega Dragonzord poses next to the Green Ranger as the Rangers celebrate their victory.
Much to our surprise, Rita has another headache.
Later at the party, Tommy finally shows up with his costume inspired by the Rita's monster.
The winner of best costume is awarded to Alpha 5. All of the girls wonder who he is, but he leaves before anyone can find out the truth.
  • Alpha was pimpin' the girls at the party.
  • Tommy shows up late once again.
  • This episode introduced the ongoing Super Putty plot, which will be used in later episodes.