Gung Ho!
Airdate: October 25, 1993

Jason and Tommy are practicing for the Team Ninja competition, but are having trouble working together.
Bulk and Skull have decided to enter the competition as well, as managers of a pair of skilled ninjas.
The ninjas show off their skills, but a kick to a punching sends Bulk to the ground.
Rita and her henchmen have big plans for the Super Putty that they mined previously.
Finster sends a batch of unstoppable Super Putties into the monstermatic.
The Rangers are called upon by Zordon to deal with these new Putties.
Zordon informs the Rangers that they will be unable to defeat the Super Putties on their own.
He sends Tommy and Jason on a quest to find weapons that will be capable of defeating this new menace.
Meanwhile, the other Rangers try to hold off the Super Putties.
On their way to find the weapons, Jason and Tommy continue to grow competitive.
Alpha 5 thinks it was a bad idea to send them two, but Zordon assures him that he sent them to resolve their differences.
The two Rangers manage to use the map to find what they're looking for.
Atop a hill rests a shrine to the prehistoric Dinosaurs.
But guarding the shrine is Titanus the Carrierzord.
Titanus fires on the Rangers as they try to reach the shrine.
Tommy and Jason finally decide that they must work together if they're going to help their friends.
Tommy lends Jason his shield so that he can be protected while approaching the shrine. Jason lends Tommy his sword to fend of Titanus' attacks.
As the Red Ranger makes his way to the shrine, Titanus fires at him with his mouth cannon.
Jason reaches the top and retrieves the weapons stored on the shrine.
Meanwhile, the other Rangers are getting badly beaten by the Super Putties.
Jason and Tommy show up just in time to lend some help.
The Rangers use the new weapons to finally defeat the Super Putties.
Rita is of course furious and manages to have another headache.
At the competition, Zordon congratulates the Rangers on their quest and reveals that Titanus is really an ally.
Jason and Tommy finally are able to work together in the competition and overcome the ninjas.
They win the competition and celebrate winning the trophy.
  • Why was Frankenstein with the villains in the Moon Palace? He was destroyed last week.
  • Titanus the Carrierzord is based on a Brachiosaurus. Ironically, Tommy will get the farmiliar looking Brachiozord in Dino Thunder.
  • I wonder why there wasn't a Dragon in the shrine. There are only the original five Dinosaurs, yet there only seem to be four weapons.