Wheel Of Misfortune
Airdate: November 01, 1993

Kimberly, Jason and Bulk practice the play "Rumpelstiltskin" with Principal Caplan and the others watching.
The spinning wheel belongs to Kim's grandmother and Bulk breaks it.
Kim moans to Ernie and Tommy about her wheel and not face to her grandmother again.
Tommy thinks he can fix it.
Goldar and putties steal the spinning wheel. Kim freaks out when she finds out it is missing.
Rita changes it into the wheel of misfortune.
The other Rangers cheer mopey Kim up.
Meanwhile, the Putties fight Tommy at the park. They tie him up on the bridge.
The Rangers teleport to the Command Center and are informed that an evil spell is on the wheel.
The Rangers morph and fight Goldar, Scorpina and the Putties. Rita makes Goldar and Scorpina grow.
The Ranger call their zords. A net is thrown on the Tyrannosaurus and it is bashed mercilessly.
Tommy frees himself from his bondage and tricks the Putties. He gets his communicator and morphs.
Tommy calls Dragonzord. The Rangers form the Megazord and fight the wheel. Dragonzord fights Scorpina and Goldar.
Titanus is summoned and the Ultrazord is formed. It destroys the wheel and the other two villains retreat.
The rangers are happy they destroyed the wheel. Kim worries what to tell her grandmother The wheel returns to the classroom and it works.
Zordon explains that the magic spell was broken and her wheel returned to its original location.
Bulk and Skull are watching television and there is a urgent news report about the Power Rangers.
Principal Caplan grabs Bulk and Skull as the play is about to start. The Rangers tell Kim to 'break a leg.'
Jason as the king tells Kim's character to spin piles of straw to gold. Kim calls for Rumpelstiltskin and then screams for him.
Bulk hurries up and is thrown into the stage. Ernie makes a kissie face as Bulk forget his line and he asks Kim for a kiss.
Bulk rips his pants as he bends down to grab for straw. Skull laughs and makes fun of him. Bulk grabs Skull.
The audience laugh and Kim says 'The End.'