Island Of Illusion, Part 1 - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Island Of Illusion, Part 1
Airdate: November 02, 1993

Rita prepares for the arrival of the great Lokar and the creation of Mutitus.
Bulk and Skull show up to bother Zack and make fun of his dance steps.
Bulk tries to keep up with Zack's moves and ends up toppling into the background. Zack is discouraged that he'll screw up as well.
Rita's spell is set in motion, which causes an earthquake at the Youth Center. They inform Zordon of the situation.
As the other Rangers rush off, Tommy stays behind to help his students who are afraid.
The Rangers find themselves up against Goldar and Scorpina with a patrol of Putties.
As Rita finishes her spell, they keep the Rangers busy.
Rita uses her magic to complete her dark spell.
The spell creates Mutitus - a powerful giant monster.
The Rangers form the Megazord to battle against Mutitus.
Rita's spell also unleashes an evil being straight for Earth.
The evil Lokar appears over the city and blows his powerful breath on Mutitus.
Lokar's breath causes Mutitus to transform into an even more powerful monster.
The Green Ranger shows up just in time to call the Dragonzord.
The Dragonzord and the Megazord stand up against Mutitus, but are no match.
The Megazord and Dragonzord are both frozen and fall to the ground.
A spell of Rangers causes the Rangers to be sent to the mysterious Island of Illusion.
Zordon informs Alpha that the Rangers are beyond his reach and only their courage can save them.
The Rangers find themselves on the island without their Morphers or communicators.
The Rangers meet an elf named Quagmire who mistakes them for allies of Rita and tells them he won't have anything to do with them.
Goldar appears in the sky introducing the Rangers to the Island of Illusion and ensures them that they won't escape.
Previously destroyed monsters show up to attack the Rangers all at once.
The Rangers prepare to defend themselves, but the monsters were just an illusion.
Zack finds himself face to face with a huge snake, but it is an illusion that only he can see. He is petrified.
Quagmire informs the Rangers that if they give into fear that they will all disappear.
The other Rangers try to talk sense into Zack, but his fear and self doubt has caused him to begin fading from existence.
  • Lokar is the second giant floating head in the show. Zordon's arch rival perhaps?
  • The monsters that appear as an illusion are Pineoctopus, Snizzard, Eye Guy, Shellshock, and Pudgy Pig.
  • When Rita casted the spell to summon Mutitus, Goldar could be seen in the background, but at that point in time he and Scorpina were fighting the Rangers.