Island Of Illusion, Part 2
Airdate: November 03, 1993

Zack is disappearing because he is doubting himself on the Island of Illusion.
Tommy thinks about the 'weird little dude,' they heard he said he knew her plan. They try to remember his name.
Trini remembers and they confirm to him that they are not friends of Rita. He tells Zack to think of a positive thought.
Zack remembers fighting the Knasty Knight on his birthday and defeating him, so he is back to normal. He thanks Quagmire.
Zordon wants to re-establish contact but the island is deflecting their communications. Alpha gets zapped and blows a fuse in the center.
Quagmire says they must find the Power Coins on his own. Goldar in the sky says Kimberly will get an illusion.
Kimberly spots Bulk and Skull dressed as angels being nice. Of course no one else sees it. Kim says if Rita can make them act like that, she can do anything.
Kim starts disappearing. Quagmire mentions a toad and arrow, making Kim think about Terror Toad.
Kim pictures herself destroying the toad and reappears.
Instantly, Tommy sees the Rangers as Putties and starts fighting Jason and the others.
Tommy thinks the putties are too many and can't win, he starts fading.
Quagmire tells him to think strong thoughts. He thinks of when he fought Putties during the Masquerade party.
Tommy is solid again but soon enough Trini is feeling strange and Billy notices. Rita casts a spell on Billy and Trini.
Tommy tells the others about the Putties. Kim notices something wrong with Trini. She fears Rita will come after her next.
Trini starts fading. She screams to Billy he is too high up, remembering her fear of heights and Billy high on a cliff.
Quagmire gives her a pep talk and Trini remembers saving Billy and stops fading.
Billy starts fading, saying his scientific knowledge can't get him out of it. Quagmire senses him fighting a nightmare queen.
Billy remembers fighting Madam Woe and was able to defeat her. He re-appears. Trini hugs him.
Jason turns from the team and Goldar says if he was a real leader, he would be able to save them already.
Jason is fading and sees the five fading away. They disappear for him.
Jason feels like he failed them, he kneels down on the ground and fades.
Quagmire speaks to Jason in his mind. Jason stands up and thinks of defeating King Sphinx.
Jason is back to normal and everyone congratulates him. Rita is mad.
Their communicators and power coins reappear. All they needed was self-confidence.
Rita becomes big and shakes the island and throws it away. The six morph.
She blasts the island but the Rangers escape and re-enter their zords back in the city.
The six Rangers appear in their cockpit and form MegaDragonzord. Rita is somehow back in the city as well.
Megadragonzord fight Mutitis and destroys it.
They call for Titanus to form the Ultrazord to combat Lokar.
Ultrazord blasts at Lokar. Lokar retreats. Rita screams and teleports away.
Back at the dance contest, Bulk tries but fails. He gets a low score.
It is Zack's turn and he doesn't seem to have confidence but his friends cheer him on.
The Rangers spot Quagmire as the DJ.
Zack dances and amazes the crowd and judges. Zack wins the contest.