The Rockstar
Airdate: November 04, 1993

The Rangers pack up the Rad Buggy. Jason can't go because he is spending time with his visiting cousin.
Trini brings them brownies. They eat it. Billy clarifies it is snails and they spit it out.
Rita is searching for the Mirror of destruction, that destroys anything that sees it.
Bulk and Skull eat a sloppy joe pizza near the shore and bump into Jason and his cousin Jeremy.
Bulk wants to teach Jason a lesson and Jason avoids his attacks.
Bulk ends up with pizza on his face. Jason tells Jeremy it is 'Brains' before 'Brawn.'
Jason teaches Jeremy marital arts on the beach. Jason says it built his self confidence.
Putties attack Jason and Jeremy. They wore them out.
Jeremy and Jason fish and find a bottle that makes the Earth shakes.
Jason leaves him and calls Zordon. Zordon tells Jason to take Jeremy to a safe spot.
Jeremy shows the treasure map to Jason, Rita says it leads to the Mirror of Destruction.
Rita sends Scorpina to get the map. She calls for the Rockstar.
The Rockstar and the other bad guys face Jason, he tells Jeremy to run and take care of the map.
Rockstar drops large boulders and pin Jason down.
The Rangers are called to the beach and remove the rocks from Jason.
Zordon tells the Rangers to fight Scorpina and Rockstar at the beach club. Billy goes to look for Jeremy.
Rockstar pins Trini and Zack down with his rocks and drop them into the pool.
Scorpina runs off. A putty follows Jeremy and then more follow him.
Jason and Kim fight the bad guys at the beach.
Jeremy finds the Mirror of Destruction and a putty comes near him.
He attempts fighting the putty and uses the mirror to destroy it.
Rockstar comes at Jeremy and he uses the mirror to destoy him too.
Jeremy tosses the mirror away. The other Rangers stop Scorpina from getting it.
Kimberly gets the mirror and Scorpina gets it from her. Jeremy watches.
Rita makes Scorpina grow. They fight her with the Megazord.
Scorpina uses the mirror but the Rangers hide their eyes.
Goldar joins the fight and hold the Megazord. Goldar sees the mirror and Scorpina lets it go.
Megazord destroys the mirror. Goldar and Scorpina retreat.
Jeremy meets the Power Rangers and wonders where Jason is.
Back at the Youth Center, Jeremy tells the teens his story.
Jason says he has to go. Jeremy says Red Ranger was the greatest.
Jason tells him to continue. He asks him where he was. The others are curious to know. Jason says he has a martial arts class to teach. Everyone laughs.