A Star Is Born - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

A Star Is Born
Airdate: November 15, 1993

Tommy is trying out for a karate commercial and the other five Rangers are going to the beach.
Bulk is also trying out for the commercial and says he has it in the bag. Tommy shows off his moves.
Rita is tired and takes a day off. Goldar decides to lead a plot against the Rangers.
The teens relax at the beach while Bulk and Skull arrive. Bulk teases the teens.
Bulk wants a tan and Skull wastes all the sunscreen on him. Skull then puts mayonnaise on him.
Bulk arrives at the audition. Bulk is asked to take his glasses off to reveal sunburn.
In the audition, Bulk embarrasses himself with fake martial art moves. Woman says she thinks they have 'our man.'
Bulk teases Tommy. Meanwhile, the Rangers play with a volleyball when Scorpina and Putties attack.
The Rangers morph and battle. Scorpina has her pet worm wrap all five in a cocoon.
The putties drop the ranger-filled cocoon off a cliff into the ocean.
Tommy is contacted but he leaves his communicator in his bookbag while he is called to the audition.
Tommy tells them marital arts helped with discipline. Tommy shows off his moves at the audition.
The Rangers try their Blade Blasters on the cocoon. They escape from it.
They enter their zords to fight a giant Babe Ruthless, Goldar and Scorpina.
Tyrannosaurus is pinned down. The other zords zap Scorpina and Goldar off.
Tommy comes out of the audition and hears Zordon's call. He morphs and calls Dragonzord.
Dragonzord in Battle Mode is formed. Jason puts his zord on remote and they fight the trio.
Babe Ruthless throws a ball, T-Rex reflects it. They drill a hole in Babe Ruthless and destroy it.
Zordon tells them Scorpina is back in the city. The Rangers go to the city and fight Scorpina.
Megazord is formed and fight the worm. Worm traps the Megazord in a cocoon.
Tommy calls the Dragonzord again and it blasts the worm down.
Dragonzord cuts the Megazord out using its tail.
MegaDragonzord is formed and destroys the worm.
Rita reprimands her goons.
Back at the Juice Bar, the six hear the news thank the Rangers.
Bulk and Skull arrive, Bulk says he got the part.
They see the commercial, Bulk is the 'before' for the karate center.
The 'after' is Tommy. Bulk is embarrassed, tosses Skull and leaves.