The Yolk's On You!
Airdate: November 16, 1993

Tommy and Jason are participating in a talent show. Tommy goes for their belts.
Finster prepares a monster as a birthday surprise for Rita and sends it to Earth.
Bullk and Skull find eggs. Mr. Caplan ask them why they are backstage.
Rita spots the monster and figures it is a birthday surprise and sends Goldar.
Tommy is ambushed by Putties and he fights them. They take his communicator.
Tommy is pulled into a trap hanging from a tree. His morpher falls out.
Goldar, Squatt and Baboo find eggs. Squatt and Baboo eat from an egg.
Fang is angry that they ate his gooney bird eggs, which were his lunch.
The teens wonder where Tommy is. They teleport to the Command Center.
Zordon shows the Rangers that Tommy has been captured and Fang.
The Rangers morph. Goldar tells Fang that they have the eggs he wants.
Fang fights the Power Rangers. Goldar, Squatt and Baboo gather around him.
Goldar blasts the Rangers down a cliff. The bad guys revel in their accomplishment.
Fang runs away, complaining about his eggs. Rita tells him to obey her.
Rita puts his eggs back together and then separate them again.
Rita makes Fang grow. The Rangers form the Megazord.
Fang fights the Megazord. Fang thinks they have his eggs.
Rita commands Fang to destroy the damn.
Meanwhile Tommy escapes his capture and fights the Putties.
Tommy morphs and calls the Dragonzord to fight Fang.
Dragonzord in Battle Mode is formed and fights Fang with the T-Rex.
Titanus is called, Ultrazord is formed and destroys Fang.
Jason and Tommy perform their martial arts for the audience.
Bulk and Skull perform out of tune rock music.
  • Jason calls Fang a 'lizard,' 'frog' and 'reptile.' He can''t decide or he needs another species lesson.