The Green Candle, Part 1
Airdate: November 17, 1993

Zack and Tommy train. Zack asks Tommy if he has asked Kimberly to the dance and he hasn't.
Rita uses a mini wand to find Tommy on a map. Goldar has the Green Candle, formed of magic wax.
Zack shows his flirting moves with Angela to Tommy. Angela tells him to get a life.
Bulk and Skull tease them. Bulk puts his jacket over his face and trips and can't get up.
Rita casts a spell. Kimberly and Tommy walk by pond as he tries to ask her on a date.
Putties attack and the Rangers fight them. Kimberly and Tommy are held until Goldar comes.
The Putties let Kimberly go and Goldar and the putties teleport away with Tommy.
Goldar and the putties teleport Tommy to the Dark Dimension and take his morpher.
Tommy fights Goldar. He tells him that either he serves Rita or loose his powers to the candle.
Finster makes his monster, which can change to any shape at will, the Cyclops.
Tommy fights Goldar to get the candle to no avail.
The Rangers are gathered in the Command Central.
The Rangers spot Dragonzord attacking the city and believe Rita has regain control.
Zordon informs them it is fake and a trap. The Rangers morph and go to the city.
Goldar puts chains around Tommy and teleports away as Rita has called him.
The Rangers fight Goldar and the putties in the city.
The rangers call their zords and form the Megazord.
Goldar returns to Tommy and lets him go from the chains.
Tommy takes Goldar's sword and teleports out of the dimension.
Tommy morphs and leaves Goldar alone by the pond.
Tommy calls the real Dragonzord, which takes some time because of his weakening powers.
Real Dragonzord hits the fake one with his tail and Cyclops takes different shapes.
Cyclops disappears. The Rangers are happy he is back.
Alpha scans Tommy to check if he is okay and he is.
Zordon informs them that Tommy touched the wax when he was under her spell.
Tommy figures when the candle's flame runs out, the Green Ranger is finished.