The Green Candle, Part 2 - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Green Candle, Part 2
Airdate: November 18, 1993

Someone must journey to the Dark Dimension to get the candle. Jason volunteers.
Tommy is against it. Jason won't stand idly by as a teammate looses his power.
Alpha finds a doorway to the dimension. Goldar communicates with Rita.
Billy created two devices called Molecular Decoders to go to the dimension.
Rita sends Cyclops with his mission to pretend to be the Megazord.
The Rangers set up the decoders at the park as Bulk and Skull spot them.
Bulk and Skull tell them that they are in their private park. They want to touch the decoders.
Zack avoids Bulk as he tries touching them and ends up rolling down a hill in a trash can.
Dragonzord in Battle Mode attacks the city and Tommy wants to fight it instead of the Rangers.
Zordon lets him and he morphs and calls his Dragonzord to battle the fake.
Dragonzord knocks down Cyclops and it becomes Megazord and they battle it out.
Dragonzord goes down so Tommy enters the Dragonzord and battles Cyclops.
Dragonzord knocks Cylops back to its true form and then it becomes Dragonzord in Battle Mode.
Cyclops is knocked back to its true form and zaps Dragonzord.
Cyclops becomes Tyrannosaurus and continues fighting and is knocked down.
The Decoders are activated and Jason enters the portal to the dimension.
Jason is greeted by Goldar and they battle.
Cyclops grabs Dragonzord and spins it around.
Jason falls on the ground. Kim worries about him.
Zordon call the other Rangers to help Tommy.
Zordon tells one of them to enter the portal, Zack volunteers.
As Jason battles Goldar, Zack enters.
Jason has to choose between Tommy's power or life.
Jason and Zack return to the park and morph.
They call for the Ultrazord and destroy Cyclops.
The Green Candle is extinguished.
Tommy gives Jason his coin so Rita can't get the power.
Jason gains the Power Shield and Dragon Dagger. Tommy returns to normal.
Kim meets Tommy who is practicing his marital arts at the park. They talk about him loosing his powers. He says he is keeping busy. She misses him.
Tommy and Kim kiss, both wanting to do it for a while. He asks her to the dance. She takes her time but agrees. He spins her in the air.