Birds Of A Feather
Airdate: November 22, 1993

Zack is teaching a class and demonstrates some moves with his student Cameron.
Bulk and Skull enter with their student Biff that will crush Cameron in a competition.
Cameron worries if Biff will cheat, Zack guarantees he will be by his side.
At the competition, Jason is called by Zordon about a monster on Earth.
Zack breaks it to his student that he must go, he tells him to believe in himself.
At the command center, Zordon tells them of a Hatchasaurus and Cardiatron.
The Rangers call their zords, Hatchasaurus rises.
Jason calls for the Dragonzord from inside his zord.
Dragonzord fights the Hatchasaurus.
Tyrannosaurus destroys Hatchasaurus.
Goldar says the monster isn't finished yet.
The Rangers are told that the Hatchasaurus has not been destroyed.
In the viewing globe, they see all the pieces go back together.
Rita casts a spell on Dragonzord to make it weak.
The Rangers morph again and Hatachasaurus attacks the city.
Hatchasaurus knocks Megazord down on the ground.
Dragonzord is called but it is weak and slow.
Power Sword is called and gets the monster off them.
The monster is destroyed again but comes back together.
Jason says he must disconnect the computer and gets out.
Jason climbs inside of Hatchasaurus and faces Cardiatron.
Tentacles are wrapped around Jason and blasts him.
Dragonzord falls because of the binding spell.
Jason calls Dragonzord with the Dragon Dagger.
Jason calls the shield and Dragonzord is freed from the spell.
Dragonzord hits the monster and Jason and the Cardiatron fall out.
Jason fights Cardiatron outside and is wrapped in tentacles.
Jason defeats Cardiatron with his Power Sword and Dragon Dagger.
Ultrazord is formed and destroys Hatchasaurus once and for all.
Zack is happy his student made it to the highest level.
Zack and Cameron make up. Bulk, Skull and Biff psych them out.
Cameron and Biff compete. Zack tells him to use a new leg move.
Cameron wins. Cameron shakes hands with Biff,
Bulk and Skull scolds Biff, he says he will get a new coach.