Clean-Up Club
Airdate: November 23, 1993

Skull takes video of Bulk and Ms. Appleby makes them sit down.
Trini shows a video about pollution in Angel Grove.
Trini wants to start a clean up club which her friends will join.
Rita will send Polluticorn to make sure the Earth isn't clean.
At the youth center, the Rangers are smashing cans, gathering paper and plastic to recycle.
Bulk has Ernie take video of him and Skull 'working out.'
The Rangers arrive to the park and clean up litter. Billy detected pollution in a vile.
Bulk and Skull arise from the garbage bags and shoot video as if Bulk cleaned up.
The Rangers fight Putties.
Polluticorn arrives and the Rangers morph.
Scorpina and Goldar arrive. Polluticorn fights the Rangers.
The Rangers arrive at the Command Center, Zordon explains about the monster.
Alpha falls within all the paperwork print out.
The Rangers fight the Polluticorn at the Recycling center.
Jason calls for the Dragon Shield and chops off the monster horn taking away his power.
Rita makes it grow. The Rangers call the Megazord.
Megazord destroys the monster.
Teens watch news report about the Power Rangers.
Ernie has them recycle. Skull keeps taking video of Bulk.
Skull falls on a pile of newspaper and Bulk finishes off the rest of the recycling.
Later, the class watches Bulk and Skull's video. Skull edited it.
Everyone laughs at the video, Bulk wants to beat up Skull.