A Bad Reflection On You - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

A Bad Reflection On You
Airdate: November 27, 1993

At Rita's palace, Twin Man will change the Putties into Power Ranger duplicates for them to take their place and ruin their reputation.
The evil clones, who were Putties, arrive on Earth wearing sunglasses and head to the school with tools. 'Jason' slams a boy into a locker.
Bulk and Skull spots them. Fake Jason and Billy pry open a water fountain with tools.
Skull flirts with the fake Kimberly and asks her on a date. She reciprocates.
Fake Billy is mean to a friend and tosses him and his books across the hall.
Fake Trini pours laundry detergent into the water fountain.
Mr. Caplan goes for a drink of water, only to be hit with soap. He slips and falls.
All the kids spot him as they come out of class. He spots the five and give them detention.
The fakes exit. The real teens, wearing the same clothing as their evil counterparts, come in.
Jason turns off the soap. Caplan gives them detention which surprises them.
In detention, Bulk and Skull are also there with the five. He doesn't let them talk. He heads off to a meeting.
Bulk has Jason come out of his seat. Skull asks Kim about their date, she rejects him.
Bulk takes out impossibly large things out of a small lunch box. Skull tries to get a bite, he is given a soda.
Skull gets squirted with soda, Kim laughs and he tries to spray her but sprays Bulk. Bulk throws pie at him.
The fake Power Rangers attack the city.
Bulk takes out a TV to see his cartoon.
The cartoon gets interrupted with news about the Rangers attacking. Bulk and Skull are happy.
Kim tries sneaking out, Bulk warns them, she returns with Caplan. Caplan leaves again.
No one is allowed to leave the school. The five figure a plan to morph without Bulk and Skull noticing.
Zack offers the duo a magic trick, to make the five disappear. He has them cover their eyes, plug their ears and count.
The five morph and stop the evil five. Bulk takes off his handkerchief to see that they are gone.
Each Ranger fights their respective color. Bulk and Skull search for the five in the room.
Kim needs help and Trini bats a Pink Ranger away but it ends up being the wrong Kim.
Kim blasts her off with her arrow and she becomes a Putty. Trini does away with her clone too.
Zack and Billy do away with their clones. Jason fights his fake Red Ranger.
Jason knocks his fake away and he becomes TwinMan.
TwinMan has the upper hand on them and makes a mirror effect to confuse them.
The Rangers form their Power Blaster to finish TwinMan off.
The rangers are congratulated by the public, who saw everything. Rita berates her goons.
Bulk and Skull get Mr. Caplan that the five left. The five teleport in and sit down.
Bulk and Skull are shocked that the teens are back.
Kim claims they used mirrors. Bulk and Skull shrug.