Doomsday, Part 1
Airdate: November 29, 1993

Kim, Billy, Trini and Jason read in the newspaper about Angel Grove throwing a Power Ranger day celebration.
Zack joins them, they read that the mayor is hoping for the Power Rangers to attend.
Bulk has a plan for them to 'steal their thunder' by showing them other superheroes.
Rita casts a spell to call upon Cyclopsis, Goldar's zord.
At the park, Zack asks Angela on a date, she says only if he was a Power Ranger.
Zack wants to morph. Jason says if they mingle enough, they might throw off suspicion of their identities.
Kim wonders where Tommy is, Trini figures that he might feel left out.
Bulk and Skull change into Superhero costumes: Bulkster and Super Skull.
Bulk and Skull announce themselves on a microphone. They get booed off the stage.
Everyone is teleported away except for the five Rangers, having the park empty.
The palace shakes as Rita moves it to Earth for her power to increase.
Her palace lands on Earth, making an explosion and Earth to shake.
Cyclopsis rises from the ground as Rita summoned it.
Zordon informs the teens. The Rangers morph and call their zords.
Megazord is formed and fights Cyclopsis.
Cyclopsis takes out missiles and knocks Megazord down.
Megazord gets up again but is beaten up again. Jason calls Dragonzord.
Cyclopsis levitates Megazord up and knocks it around.
They switch to Dragonzord Battle Mode. Tyrannosaurus goes down.
Cyclopsis ties the two in chains and electrocute them.
Zordon calls Titanus and Ultrazord is formed. Goldar evacuates.
Cyclopsis' head is knocked off. Rita makes Titanus sink.
MegaDragonzord tries pulling Titanus out to no avail.
Rita casts a spell on a tower and summons Lokar.
Cyclopsis is reformed. Back at the command center..
The teens ask Zordon what to do, they say the Zords have to be re-energized.
All the city people are safe but in a dimensional vortex.
The teens figure they are the only ones to save the people.