Doomsday, Part 2
Airdate: November 30, 1993

Zordon reiterates the occurrences of the last episode like Goldar's zord Cyclopsis, Lokar and the citizens in a dimension.
The zords need 12 hours to be at full power, Jason says they will take it at half power.
Zordon says there is too much danger. The five are worried about the citizens.
Back at Rita's palace on Earth, Rita revels in victory.
The Rangers morph, call the zords and form Megazord.
Lokar blows Megazord back. Cyclopsis chops Megazord left arm off.
Cyclopsis steps on the Megazord. Megazord blasts it off.
Jason calls for the Dragonzord. Cyclopsis chops a section of its tail.
Megazord goes down as Lokar blasts it.
Rita blasts the Megazord and Dragonzord.
Sections of the Dragonzord slowly start fading and also of the Megazord.
The rangers fall out and land at the park in daylight.
They can't communicate with the Command Center. Billy explains that Zordon put a new security system and the Zords are re-charging.
The Rangers head to Billy's garage to fix their communicators. Meanwhile, Alpha starts a frequency search.
Goldar and two putties arrive at the garage. Billy continues fixing the communicators.
Goldar smashes some stuff. Alpha penetrated Rita's file of spells and secrets.
Billy fixes the communicators and they teleport away, Goldar retreats.
Zordon explains that Cyclopsis' weak point are the frequent zord changes. Zordon brings Titanus back.
Rangers morph and call their zords and attack Cyclopsis.
They form the Megazord and fight. Jason calls for the Dragonzord.
Dragonzord cuts off Cyclopsis' blade hands.
Dragonzord Battle Mode is formed and fights.
Ultrazord is formed and Cyclopsis malfunctions.
Goldar retreats and Cyclopsis is destroyed.
Rita's castle returns to the moon.
The citizens of Angel Grove are returned.
The mayor throws Bulk and Skull off stage.
The Power Rangers arrive.
Kids talk about which Rangers are the coolest. Tommy tells them a little secret that they are all 'totally awesome.'
Each greet Tommy. The mayor congratulate the Power Rangers.
Zordon gives the Rangers the choice to quit.
They say that Zordon can't get rid of them. Alpha has a cold.
  • According to a UK Magazine for Power Rangers, this was meant to be the season or series finale. Originally they planned to use footage from Zyuranger portraying Rita's son controlling Cyclopsis. Ultimately that plot was dropped. But the final scene in the Command Center was already shot. New episodes were ordered for Season One.