Rita's Seed Of Evil
Airdate: February 07, 1994

For a science project, the teens grow saplings and are ready to transplant them.
Bulk and Skull present large baby trees that turn out to be plastic.
The Rangers dig holes and transplant their baby trees with Billy's fertilizer.
Bulk and Skull in camouflage plan to steal the teens' plants to get credit.
Squatt is sent to plant seeds of the Octoplant that will continuously grow.
Bulk and Skull bump into Squatt and run away into a porta potty.
The Rangers arrive to be greeted by Putties and fight them. Squatt leaves.
The lock in the porta potty is stuck, trapping Bulk and Skull inside.
The Earth shakes and the Rangers teleport to the Command center.
Jason leaves on his own to go back to the park to figure out why Squatt was there.
A branch grows from the ground and wraps around Jason after Zordon tells him about the seeds Squatt planted.
He escapes the branches and morphs. More branches come after him and he fights them with his sword.
The others see Jason trapped by the plant and morph to chop off the branches.
Alpha shuts down the shield so they can dig out the seeds.
Scorpina and Goldar arrive and send Super Putties after the Rangers.
Scorpina and Goldar do a dual attack on Kimberly, Trini, Billy and Zack.
The Octoplant bulb continues to grow. The Rangers fight Scorpina and Goldar in the park.
Octoplant is fully grown as a humanoid monster and Rita makes her grow giant.
The Rangers call their zords and form the Megazord.
Megazord gets a vine around them and gets blasted at.
Megasword is called and slices the vines.
Octoplant is caught by her beauty in a building's reflection.
The Megazord takes the chance and destroys the Octoplant.
Meanwhile, the Porta Potty with Bulk and Skull inside is moved on a truck.
Mr. Caplan congratulates them for the trees. Bulk and Skull arrive covered in garbage.
They stink and one whiff makes Caplan faint.