A Pig Surprise
Airdate: February 08, 1994

The teens are volunteering at Pet Adoption day at the park.
An old woman wants someone to adopt her pig Norman.
Zack is late and spots the old woman become a Putty.
Zack fights the putties. Zack spots a strange device they have.
After defeating the putties, he takes the device.
Bulk and Skull want a pet and adopt the pig.
Back at the high school, Bulk and Skull show off their pig to the other students.
Billy works on the strange device in his garage and says it is counting down to zero.
Trini and Billy figure out that Norman the pig has something to do with the device.
At the Juice Bar, a girl is amazed by Norman the pig and Bulk likes this.
Rita casts her spell. The device's timer reached zero, scaring Trini and Billy.
Norman becomes Pudgy Pig, all the Juice Bar patrons leave.
Bulk and Skull are at the mercy of the Pudgy Pig when Zack enters.
Zack makes them give their sandwich to the monster. The monster runs away.
The teens explain to Zordon that the monster is a real pig so they can't harm it.
The Rangers morph and confront Pudgy Pig.
The monster runs away and Alpha picks his location up through his scanner.
The Rangers are teleported to a farm and split up to find the pig.
Rita makes Goldar grow. The Rangers regroup and follow Zack.
Norman is dancing as he has fallen in love with another pig.
The Rangers teleport to where Scorpina is and fight her.
Goldar tries crushing them. They call their zords and form their Megazord.
Goldar fights the Megazord, they charge their sword and he retreats.
Pudgy Pig is still with his love, Billy uses the machine to change him back.
Back at school, Trini reports Norman has been adopted by the girl pig's owner.
Mr. Caplan brings in a pig. Bulk and Skull freak out.