Something Fishy
Airdate: February 09, 1994

Jason, Trini and Zack are going scuba diving, Bulk and Skull are fishing.
Bulk finds a can of worms for bait out of the trash in his locker.
Jason is a diving instructor. Billy and Kimberly are going to a picnic.
The Rangers do an equipment check to go S.C.U.B.A. diving.
Billy and Kimberly's picnic at the park, Billy explains he was bit by a fish as a kid.
Kimberly laughs, Billy tells her it was actually traumatic, it is difficult being around fish.
They run over to Bulk and Skull screaming as they fish... for a 'no fishing' sign.
After picking up junk, the duo actually fish themselves into the water.
Billy and Kimberly get attacked by Putties before they visit the others.
Kimberly calls the others but there is no answer. Billy gets his lunchbag and puts it on a putty's head.
The Putties disappear and the two teleport to the Command Center.
Zordon says that Rita released the Goo Fish at the beach.
Billy and Kim morph and fight Putties at the beach. Goo Fish rises from the water.
Jason, Trini and Zack continue scuba diving.
Rita casts a spell to make Billy's fear unbearable.
The Blue Ranger hides behind Pink Ranger.
The trio come out of the water and get called by Zordon.
The trio morphs and Jason blasts Goo Fish back in the water. They check on Billy.
The five teleport back to the Command Center. Billy says its his fault.
Zordon tells Billy to face his fear, the spell will be lifted. Billy says he can't.
The Rangers morph and fight Goo Fish and Putties.
Goo Fish targets Bily, Jason helps but is knocked down.
Red, Yellow and Black get covered in goo, it gets them stuck.
Kim throws an arrow at the foe and starfish are thrown at her.
The four are down. Billy fights his fear. He spins around the foe.
Goo is spread on top of the foe. Billy stabs it down with his lance.
The Rangers regroup. Rita makes the monster grow. Megazord is formed.
Goo Fish and the Megazord battle it out. They break his staff.
He spits goo on their feet, sticking them to the ground.
Goo Fish blasts at them with his eyes and the Megazord falls down.
Zack has an idea to convert the goo into energy with 'Morphin Power.'
Megazord stands up. Rita says uhoh. Megazord destroys Goo Fish.
They congratulate Billy for conquering his fear.
Billy and Ernie return from fishing. Jason offers scuba diving, Billy says yes.
Bulk and Skull arrive with the 'king of the sea'... tuna.
Bulk sticks his face in Billy's bag and gets a lobster on his nose.
  • Billy said he found a spot for the picnic away from the water but it was right next to the water.