Lions and Blizzards - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Lions and Blizzards
Airdate: February 10, 1994

The kids are participating at the Oddball Games. Bulk looses to Jason in one.
Bulk, Skull, Angela and others play tug of war against the Rangers and their team.
Bulk and Skull end up in the mud.
Zack helps Angela out of the mud.
The Rangers realize the noble lion trophy is missing.
Putties are sent to fight the teens.
Bulk and Skull have stolen the trophy and wash the mud off.
Rita casts a spell on the trophy to make into Goatan.
Goatan blows Bulk and Skull into the water.
Angela arrives at the Youth Center, Zack says he gave up on her.
Angela asks Zack to a matinee movie and he leaves with her.
Trini and Billy arrive in rain gear. Ernie has the gang head to the basement as there is a tornado alert.
Zordon calls Kimberly, Trini, Jason and Billy to the Command Center.
Zack can't hear his communicator because he is at the movies with Angela.
The Rangers morph and fight Goatan. Kim tries her Power Bow.
Goatan has a bow and arrow of his own and beats Kimberly.
Goatan fights the Rangers with a log. He knocks them near the beach.
Goatan puts the four Rangers in a whirlwind.
Meanwhile, Angela cuddles up to Zack. She hears the communicator.
Zack makes a lame excuse and morphs to help the others.
Zack saves the others and tells Goatan he will pay for messing up his date.
Rita makes Goatan grow, the Dinozords are called and the Megazord is formed.
Goatan freezes Megazord up into a snow statue.
Megazord spins around to be freed and is quickly back to normal.
They call the Power Sword and destroy the foe.
Zack arrives to his date late and gets popcorn dumped on him.
A police officer comes with two muddy Bulk and Skull to the Youth Center.
Bulk finds a frog in his clothes after he gets water dumped on him.