Crystal Of Nightmares
Airdate: February 21, 1994

The girls are worried about a test but Billy has booked his uncle's cabin to study.
Mr. Caplan tells Bulk and Skull they are failing and must pass the test.
Goldar plans to use the Crystal of Nightmares to diminish the Ranger's confidence.
The Rangers finish one chapter and take a break to go eat.
Bulk and Skull want to cheat from the Rangers' study notes.
Goldar powers up the Crystal of Nightmares in a cave.
Bulk and Skull sneak in as female maids looking for study notes.
The boy Rangers pillow fight after Zack's dancing and bed bouncing.
Billy has a nightmare of being eaten by the Terror Toad.
Trini has a nightmare of being at the mercy of Goldar.
Zack has a nightmare of being the victim of the Knasty Knight.
Goldar is surprised that Bulk and Skull are sleeping under the Rangers' bed.
Bulk and Skull have a joint dream of morphing with a hamburger and hotdog.
Bulk and Skull change into the Incredible Bulkster and Super Skull.
They jump into the Megazord and have trouble navigating it. They break it and crash.
Kimberly has a nightmare of the Samurai Fan Man trapping her in his bottle.
Jason has a nightmare of being at Goldar's mercy in the Dark Dimension.
The Rangers have a nightmare that Zordon strips them of their powers forever.
The five Rangers wake up in cold sweat, frightened and without self-confidence.
In the morning, the five teens discuss the nightmares. Zordon is aware of this.
The communicator beeps and the teens fear to answer. Jason gets the nerve to answer.
Alpha gives them the location of the crystal to destroy it. They slowly teleport out.
The five arrive at the cave, anxious and scared. It is guarded by Putties.
Kim backs away and they all get ambushed by Putties. They don't fare well.
Jason runs into the cave and faces Goldar.
Jason kicks and smashes the crystal.
The Rangers get their confidence back and fight the Putties with no problem.
Scorpina and Goldar arrive, the Rangers morph, the duo grows and Megazord fights.
Megazord goes down. Power Sword is called.
They best the duo and they teleport out.
Back at the cabin, the real maid finds Bulk and Skull. They realize they are late for the test.
Mr. Caplan gives the students their test results. Bulk and Skull failed.