To Flea Or Not To Flee
Airdate: February 16, 1994

Zack collects money to save the Youth Center.
Billy says Ernie's expenses exceeded his revenues.
Jason arrives with a dog that followed him.
At school, Bulk and Skull read about a lost dog reward.
Rita wants Finster to make a flea monster and to use the dog against them.
Fighting Flea rises from the smoke of the monster-matic.
Ernie gives the dog food. The Rangers worry about him.
Bulk and Skull arrive and recognize the dog.
Kim and Jason take the dog to the park. Rita puts the flea in him.
Bulk and Skull lure the dog away. Jason itches and scratches.
Jason and Kim search for the dog and Putties attack. Putties get itch.
Kim sends Putties Jason's ay and they start itching.
Alpha scans Jason's rash. Zordon explains about Rita's plot.
Alpha gives Jason a spray to stop the itching temporarily.
The Rangers split up and Bulk and Skull call the dog's owners.
Fighting Flea becomes big and scares Bulk and Skull.
Back at Billy's lab, he took Alpha's scanner and tries to make an antidote.
Flea monster confronts Kim and Jason at the junkyard, they morph.
Jason gets itchy again as the spray has worn out. Kim fights the foe.
The monster throws darts on Kimberly and she falls.
Zordon calls Billy, he is almost done with the antidote.
Back at the Juice Bar, Trini and Zack find the dog.
The trio morph and help. Billy sprays Jason with the antidote.
Fighting Flea sends Putties to fight the Rangers.
Monster grows, Megazord is formed and they fight.
Power Sword is called and they destroy the monster.
A woman reunites with the dog, the Rangers tell her to thank Ernie.
Ernie is given the award which saves his business.
Bulk and Skull are itchy. Jason tells him to give them the antidote.
Bulk and Skull are given flea collars, they must wear them for a week.