Reign Of The Jellyfish
Airdate: February 17, 1994

Ms. Appleby want her students to put items they chose to go in a time capsule.
Jason has a karate trophy, the first he ever won to show dedication and health.
Kimberly shows horrible clothes to show fashion about individual styles.
Ms. Appleby is putting a photo of the Power Rangers to remember heroes.
Rita wants to be remembered so she looks for a monster in her book.
Zack brings in music, Billy shows a small computer and Trini brought newspaper.
Bulk and Skull brought a sandwich to put in the time capsule.
Trini wonders what the people in the future will think of her.
The five can burry the time capsule because they have the highest grades.
The putties attack. Baboo and Squatt steal the capsule.
The Rangers scare Baboo and Squatt away and they wonder what Rita wants.
The Rangers morph and fight the Jellyfish monster.
They retreat to the Command Center. His spray can eat through their suits.
Alpha sprays them with something to protect their suits.
The Rangers return to fight the Putties and Jellyfish.
He sprays them, misses and melts a bench.
Jason tries fighting it but it keeps avoiding him.
He spins them into another dimension.
They can't touch him but he can't hit them.
Zack blasts the monster and them out of the dimension.
Rita makes Jellyfish grow and the Megazord is formed.
Jellyfish avoids them by teleporting in and out.
They destroy it with their Power Sword.
Bulk and Skull arrive with their sandwich.
The sandwich falls on them when they discover they already buried the capsule.
The Rangers hopes the future is free of crime, hatred, prejudice and war.