Plague Of The Mantis
Airdate: February 24, 1994

Trini trains with her sensei Master Lee in kung fu, a fair fight.
To help learn the mantis style, he shows her a mantis.
Bulk and Skull make fun of 'Bug Fu.'
Bulk comes up with the idea to find a bug to fashion a martial arts to get money.
Rita plots to make a Mantis monster.
Trini has trouble learning the style. She says she will keep at it. He hands her the Mantis.
Zack doesn't like the mantis. Jason asks why she wanted to learn this kung fu.
It emphasis fairness, never cheating, it is something to live up to.
Bulk and Skull say they are the masters of cockroach kung fu.
Trini is at the park practicing when Zordon sends her to check out a disturbance.
She encounters the Mantis monster and asks for back-up. She morphs.
She fights the monster in the park. It cuts down a tree.
The other Rangers arrive. Mantis says it is not a fair fight, that she has no honor.
At the Command Center, Trini is hard on herself. They find out the Mantis is a kung fu master.
Trini says she will be put more practice because she will show that monster.
Trini is left a note by Mantis from her master at the Juice Bar.
Bulk and Skull imitate the cockroach with disastrous results.
Instead of her master, the mantis monster confronts Trini to accept challenge.
Trini says it can't be trusted. He says he gives his word.
Jaosn, Kim, Billy and Zack investigate the note.
Yellow Ranger combats Mantis alone.
The others run to the quarry and are confronted by Putties.
Mantis send putties on Trini, saying he has no honor.
Trini calls him a cheater and bests him.
The Rangers morph and arrive to help Trini.
Rita makes the mantis grow and the Megazord is formed.
The mantis concentrates its energy for one quick blow.
The Power Sword is called and they combat.
Megazord destroys the Mantis.
Rita berates her goons.
Zordon congratulates Trini.
Trini practices with Master Lee.
Bulk and Skull show off their cockroach style.
Bulk and Skull bump into each other, get the bugs on them.
  • Richard Rabago who played Tao Chong in VR Troopers played Master Lee in this episode.