Return Of An Old Friend, Part 1
Airdate: February 28, 1994

It's Parent's day and Jason's dad is arm wrestling Trini's dad.
Billy's dad says Billy is busy with a new invention. Skull takes video of Zack and his parents.
Skull's parents are with Mr. Caplan, who wonders where the Bulkmeirs are.
The whole place shakes and Ernie's cake falls on Bulk's parents and Bulk.
Kimberly's mom and her boyfriend ask Trini where Kim is.
Kimberly's dad enters. A girl tells them that she's outside.
Rita wants a monster to get the parents of the Rangers.
Kim's parents haven't seen each other since they were divorce.
She thinks it was her fault. Trini says they are looking for her. Putties attack.
Jason and Zack come to the rescue thanks to a call from Zordon.
The people inside the youth center are teleported away to the Dark Dimension.
Billy enters and gets hypnotized by the Dramole and Rita.
Billy enters the center, disarms Alpha and takes the Dragon Dagger with him.
The four enter to see everyone gone, Kim finds her mom's scarf.
Rangers enter the Command Center and Zordon catches them up.
Trini reactivates Alpha. Zordon tells them they must reclaim the Dragon Dagger.
The Rangers morph and teleport to the Dark Dimension.
Billy is about to hand Goldar the Dagger. The team fight Putties.
Goldar steals the Dagger from Billy. He wants the coins in exchange.
The hourglass will remind them how much time they got. Billy morphs.
The rangers arrive in the city. Goldar calls forth the Dragonzord.
The Megazord is formed and battles the Dragonzord.
Megazord goes down, the Rangers jump out to meet Goldar.
Goldar demands for the coins, they ask Zordon what to do.
Zordon says its their choice. The Dragon Dagger becomes a box. Jason gives Goldar his coin.
He de-morphs. Goldar says goodbye. Kim gives him her coin after a short threat.
Zack gives his coin. Trini says they are doing the right thing. They cry.
Billy says it is his fault, he gives his coin after Trini does.
Jason demands his parents back. Goldar laughs and exits.
The teenagers, former Power Rangers, are clearly distraught.
The teens watch their parents and others in the Dark Dimension through the Viewing Globe.
Zordon says they made the right choice. Kim asks what they can do.
Kim says Goldar has all the coins. Jason says there is one coin left.
Tommy arrives to the Youth Center wondering where everyone is.