Return Of An Old Friend, Part 2
Airdate: March 01, 1994

Zordon says the Dragon Coin will help them against Rita. Kim asks what good it will be if Tommy doesn't have his powers.
Zordon assures the teens that their parents are safe for the time being. Tommy is to be located.
The baddies say there is no way the Green Ranger can get his power back.
Tommy teleports in. Jason gives him the coin back. He is confused.
Zordon says he has to infuse Tommy with a huge amount of his own power.
The Rangers are concerned that it is dangerous for Tommy and Zordon.
Tommy is willing to take the risk. Goldar has Dragonzord to cause more destruction.
Zordon infuses Tommy, he becomes the Green Ranger and teleports out.
He teleports to Goldar and fights him. Goldar sets the Dagger and coins aside.
Tommy is down. Goldar gloats. Zordon is fading.
Jason orders Alpha to turn up the power.
Tommy feels it and kicks the butts of the Putties.
Tommy grabs the Dagger, it shocks him but he gets it.
Tommy calls the Dragonzord. Scorpina and Goldar fight it.
The rangers want Tommy back. They lose contact with Zordon.
Goldar and Scorpina leave. Tommy grabs the coins and teleports back.
Tommy arrives at the center and faints. The teens come to his aid.
Tommy de-morphs but is in a coma.
The Rangers combine the powers of their Power Coins to bring Zordon back.
Rita berates her goons and summons Dramole. The Rangers morph.
Dramole releases gas and makes the day into night.
He brainwashes four Rangers to turn against Kim.
Tommy glows with green energy and levitates.
Blue and Black hold the Pink Ranger.
Tommy absorbed the energy and overloaded. He wakes up.
Tommy morphs and blasts everyone. Light returns.
The Rangers are released from the spell.
Dragonzord and the Megazord against giant Dramole.
Sky is made dark again and the three fight.
Dramole blasts the two down to the ground.
Dragonzord gets up and hits Dramole with its tail.
Ultrazord is formed and destroys the monster.
The teens are informed that their parents are safe and don't remember a thing.
Jason is happy Tommy is back. Alpha says his powers are temporary.
The Rangers reunite with their parents. They find their behavior strange.
Kim admits to her parents that she was afraid they would be uncomfortable.
Kim introduces Tommy to her parents.
Bulk and Skull start a food fight.
"If you can't beat them, join them."
The teens laugh at their parent's behavior.