Fowl Play
Airdate: May 02, 1994

Zack juggles in a magic show, trying to impress Angela.
Bulk thinks he can do better but the kids laugh.
Zack makes Bulk and Skull 'disappear' with fake snakes.
Zack gives Angela roses and she gives him a kiss.
The other teens arrive and tease him playfully.
Kim tries to prove Zack is into Angela by making him jealous.
Finster makes the Peckster for Rita.
Zack and Angela share a moment at the Juice Bar.
Monster attacks. Zack gets Bulk and Skull in his act.
To Bulk's surprise, he does make Zack disappear.
Zack morphs and fights Putties in the city.
Zack fights the Peckster as the others fight Putties.
Zordon tells Zack to go back to the Youth Center to not arouse suspicion.
The four arrive to the Command Center and are briefed on the Peckster.
Rangers morph and battle Putties in the city.
Bulk flirts with Angela and she turns him down.
Bulk 'returns' Zack by saying 'Zack.'
Zack looks at a balloon and gets an idea.
Peckster blows Billy and Jason away with his wings.
Zack arrives and teases Peckster with balloons.
Peckster gets a ball stuck on his beak.
Peckster grows and attacks Megazord.
Mammoth Shield is called and monster goes down.
The monster tries blowing the Megazord away.
Zack uses the "Cranial Laser" against the foe.
Power Sword is used to destroy the monster.
The kids applaud the Power Rangers from the Juice Bar.
Later Zack arrives in a suit, the others tease him.
Angela wants to take the kids to the Cartoon Festival, not a date as Zack had envisioned.
Zack is bummed is not a date but even more that it is five hours of Woody Woodpecker.