Trick Or Treat
Airdate: May 03, 1994

Kim tells Tommy and Trini she will be a contestant in a game show.
Tommy can't go because he has a karate tournament. Kim wonders..
who will be her opponent and finds out it is Skull.
Rita's minions have planted evil pumpkin seeds in the park.
The Trick or Treat game show host welcomes Kim and Eugene.
Tommy spots rotten pumpkins in the park and the Putties attack.
Kim asks a brain stomping Power Ranger identity question to the host.
Which stomps him and earns her a pumpkin point.
Kim is strapped to a Wicked Wheel of Misfortune that spins.
Tommy finishes off the Putties. Kim continues winning.
Tommy reports to Zordon but he tells him to go to his Karate match.
Skull reads Bulk's lips to try to trick the host and gets a point.
Skull plays a Wicked Web game to catch bugs before a spider gets him.
Tommy marvels at the competition at the Karate Tournament.
Alpha watches the game show but has to contact the Rangers.
The others inform Kim that they must go. She fake faints.
Her friends come to her aid and they take her away.
Bulk and Skull celebrate that they win by default.
The Rangers teleport to the center and are informed about the monster.
They morph and investigate the pumpkins.
The pumpkins get stuck on four Rangers' heads even though Zordon told them about them.
Kim arrives and slices them out of the pumpkins with her Blade Blaster in blade mode.
Pumpkin head Putties attack the five.
The Rangers spot a giant pumpkin.
Each Power Ranger raps to the pumpkin, mocking it.
Pumpkin Rapper raps and Rangers fight more Putties.
He takes away each Blaster away with his vines and then wraps the Rangers in them.
Tommy is about to compete but is called by Zordon and informed. He morphs in secret.
Tommy frees his team and combats the Pumpkin Rapper monster himself.
Tommy holds down the monster as they destroy him with their Power Blaster.
Tommy and Kim apologize to each other about missing out on their contests.
Bulk and Skull arrive in their new car, which they won by default in the show.
A woman from Network Standards and Practices arrives, taking the car from the two saying they caught them cheating.
Bulk's fabric gets caught in the car door, causing him to unravel. He bumps into Skull and they both fall to the floor.
  • Zordon told them to be careful to touch the pumpkins because they might end up on their heads. First thing they do? Touch the pumpkins! The writers could had just skipped Zordon''s speech, not making it look like the Rangers don''t listen to their wise sage.