Blue To The Test
Airdate: October 28, 1999

On its journey to a new world, Terra Venture approaches a star. According to the GSA rulebook, they are to change course in around six hours.
Following Stanton's suggestion, Kai goes with his instincts rather than rules, and changes Terra Venture's course immediately to avoid getting too close.
Trakeena sends down Icy Queen to make sure Terra Venture flies into that star. She attacks a park, where Stanton is spending time with his daughter.
Stanton is struck by one of the monster's arrows, knocking him unconscious. The arrow is absorbed into Stanton's body.
As Icy Queen targets Stanton's daughter, the Rangers appear and battle her, forcing her to retreat. Stanton recovers, and is taken back to HQ.
Stanton is back on duty, but something is wrong - he orders two engines shut down, and alters Terra Venture's course, which will lead it into the star.
When Kai objects to this new course, he is stripped of his GSA badge, and thrown out onto the street.
He follows Stanton as he leaves command HQ, and finds him fraternizing with Icy Queen.
Kai fights Icy Queen, but is no match without morphing. The Rangers show up, and hold off Icy Queen while Kai goes after Stanton.
Stanton and Kai go at it. Kai ends up kicking Stanton into a nearby storage room and locking him in. He leaves to help his friends.
As the Rangers appear to be losing to Icy Queen, Kai appears morphed, and evens up the score.
This gives everyone a chance to power up with the Lights, and launch an Orion attack at the monster.
As if on cue, Icy Queen grows to monstrous proportions.
She gives the Galaxy Megazord a major case of frostbite.
It breaks free with an Orion power-up, which it also uses to deliver the final blow to Icy Queen.
Kai and Mike free Stanton, now free of evil influence, and take him back to command.
He immediately orders the crew to set a new course for Terra Venture, getting it out of a collision course with the star just in time.
Commander Stanton commends Kai on his outstanding performance, and decides to take the day off and leave him in charge of the colony.
  • What is up with Terra Venture's dome? You look up, you see sky, but from the outside, you can clearly see in. Since the light from the star did not have any effects on the lighting in the station, it's probably safe to assume that the inside of the dome displays an imaginary sky in some way.
  • Lost Galaxy's finale will likely find them on their destination planet. Why build a city on a space station for a trip that will take less then a year?
  • Maybe if Stanton were wearing his dog tags, none of this would have happened...