Raise The Titanisaur - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Raise The Titanisaur
Airdate: November 19, 1999

The tainted fuel supply causes one of Terra Venture's engines to overload and explode. Damon tried his best to save it, but failed.
The Rangers head to the beach, where the find Barbarax and his Swabbies plotting something.
Barbarax sends the Swabbies to attack. The Rangers fight them with their Orion powers, and Deviot soon joins in, blasting them from afar.
The battle is interrupted when something rises from the ocean - it's Titanisaur! The Rangers follow him as he heads towards the city.
The Galaxy Megazord is summoned, and tries the Orion Saber slash, which fails. Titanisaur grabs it in his teeth like it was candy.
Not taking any chances, they summon Centaurus and Stratoforce as well. Centaurus gets his arm viciously torn off by Titanisaur.
Stratoforce takes a shot at it, be he is quickly disarmed as well.
In danger of overheating, Titanisaur is forced to retreat back into the ocean.
To alleviate the stress on Titanisaur, Mutiny detaches the castle from his beastly pet, as he cools off in the ocean.
Cooled off, and with a lighter load, Titanisaur returns, and the Rangers fight him with the Galactabeasts.
Mike shows up in Torozord, and grabs a hold of Titanisaur while Leo and the Lion Galactabeast blast him in the back with fire power.
Torozord grabs Titanisaur by the tail, and chops it off. This is for Centaurus and Stratoforce! He then delivers his special attack.
Not to be left out, the red and the blue return to battle, fully repaired, and give Titanisaur a spinning energy attack.
The Galaxy Megazord has been formed, and he goes all out with a super-duper full powered Orion slash.
That did the trick, and Titanisaur is history. The Zords stand triumphantly over the city.
In the engine room, Damon narrowly averts another engine from going down. The station is safe, for now.
  • Great all-out action episode. Tons of cool Zord fighting, especially the gruesome scene where Centaurus and Stratoforce had an arm ripped off.
  • The castle size didn't look right. On top that other monster's head from a while back, it was pretty small, but on top of Titanisaur, it takes up his whole back. I can't believe one giant bolt was the only thing attaching the castle to Titanisaur.
  • "If we lose one more engine, we're lost." News flash Stanton - you ARE lost. Why is the station even moving in the Lost Galaxy? They should just remain still until they find a way to get out of there.
  • Terra Venture never looks like it is moving. Supposedly, it is travelling faster than light, but whenever it's near a planet, it's next to it for the entire episode.