Operation Lightspeed
Airdate: February 12, 2000

A group of nomads in search of water wander in the desert. They come across ruins, and inadvertantly unleash a group of demons from an underground tomb.
When Lightspeed paramedic Dana hears of this, she immediately tells her father, Captain Mitchell. He dispatches his men to bring in four hand picked team members.
Hotshot stunt pilot Joel is the first to be approached, and is practically dragged in kicking and screaming.
Next up is adventurer Kelsey, who encounters Lightspeed's men in black at the end of a rock climb.
Before he can even feed his whales, trainer Chad is greeted by the agents.
As they search for the fourth member, Dana witnesses a brave firefighter save a child from a burning building.
The firefighter was Carter, the fourth target of Dana's search. She handles this one personally, and "recruits" Carter herself.
The four demons have gathered in their temple, which is underneath the city of Mariner Bay. It seems that the city had been built over the demons' home, and they want it back.
The four chosen ones are taken by helicopter and submarine to the Lightspeed Aqua Base, an enormous underwater complex.
They are greeted by Captain Mitchell, who explains to them that they are there to utilize their Lightspeed technology to fight the impending attack by the demons, who had been imprisoned thousands of years, and have returned to reclaim their city.
Images of chaos and destruction have appeared on a viewscreen. Diabolico's forces have begun their attack! The four heroes must make their decisions, and make them fast.
They accept the Rescue Morphers, and Dana is shocked to discover that she is the fifth member. The team straps on their morphers, dons the rescue jackets, and take off in a humvee.
When they arrive on the scene, they find a monster and a team of Batlings. The Rangers try to fight them unmorphed, but do not stand a chance.
With the call of "Lightspeed Rescue!", the five heroes stand transformed into a spectacular fighting team.
First, they take out the Batlings.
Then they take on the monster.
A few shots from the Rescue Blasters make short work of this monster, and he is toast.
The team's celebration back at the base is cut short when Mitchell tells them that their struggle has only begun.
  • Although he was never officially made the leader, Carter will most likely fall into that role, just for being the Red Ranger. It seems to me that Dana should be the team leader. She has more training and experience with the Lightspeed organization and its technology.
  • My first impression of the Aqua Base - Terra Venture under water.
  • Nice morphing sequence. A bit drawn out though.
  • Finally, Earth based morphing powers created by humans. It's good to see a completely technologically based team developed by the good old US of A. The whole military and technology theme reminds me of Ohranger.
  • Not only are the Rangers Earth-based, but so are the villains. It's a refreshing change from evil space aliens trying to take over Earth. These villains just want their city back - a good explanation for them constantly attacking Mariner Bay.
  • The demons are missing their queen - Queen Bansheera. I'm willing to bet she will make an appearance somewhere down the road.
  • The monster in this episode was the monster version of Psycho Red from Power Rangers in Space .
  • Loved the "Rescue Humvee".
  • The Rangers unmorphed in public after the battle, and were cheered on by the people. Apparently, their identities will be publicly known.