As Time Runs Out - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

As Time Runs Out
Airdate: October 07, 2000

Queen Bansheera talks to Jinxer about how incompetent her son is, and how Loki and Vypra will take his place as leaders.
When Olympius hears of this, he cons Vypra and Loki into meeting with him, and has his monster ambush them from underground.
The monster buriesLoki and Vypra alive, and then plots another ambush for the Rangers.
TheRangers show up, and are greeted by a severed hand sticking up from the ground.
The hand launches vines at the Rangers, which wrap around their arms, not allowing them to morph. They are told that the vines will release spores which will infect Mariner Bay.
The two demons are not dead yet - they resurface from theground ina very familiar desert. Thetwo begin a new journey, and plot to bring down Olympius.
Back at the Aquabase, the Rangers try cutting the vines off with a laser, but are unsuccessful.
A plan to poison the vines is foiled by the monster when he shows up and destroys the vials.
The third and final plan is a success. They take off in the Max Solarzord and release the spores into space.
They almost lose Kelsey when her seat belt snaps, and she is nearly sucked out into space as well.
The Rangers morph and head back to the city to show the monster not to mess with them.
Afterbeing destroyed by theV-Lancers,he is rebuilt and turned into a giant by Jinxer.
The Rangers summon the Omega Megazord and destroy him with an Omega missile blast.
Loki and Vypra reach their destination - the tomb in which they were imprisoned.
Little do they know, Ryanis nearby snooping on them, no doubt trying to discover the tomb's secrets to once again imprison the demons.
Vypra recites a spell, and resurrects Diabolico from the tomb. He vows vengeance on both Olympius and the Rangers.
  • That dirty dog Olympius, you can't trust anyone these days.
  • I totally did not expect Diabolico to ever return, andRyan's return was a pleasant surprise.
  • Olympius and his infamous sky darkening manuever.
  • What is up with Dana lately? Last week she acted like a ditz, and today she was all smug with the monster.
  • Why the heck did Loki and Vypra resurface so far away?
  • That Power Vote makes me sick. First of all, you have the annoying blurbs during the show, and then we find out the Titanium Ranger was the winner. Of course he was going to win - all the kiddies vote for the cool sixth Ranger, and couldn't care less about the other Rangers.