Trakeena's Revenge, Part 1
Airdate: November 06, 2000

On a rainy night on the planet Mirinoi, Leo pulls the Red Quasar Saber out of its legendary place, and morphs into the Red Ranger for the first time in a while.
He is assaulted by an army of Ghouls, led by the mysterious Triskull. The Ghouls wear him down, and then flee into space along with their leader.
Back on Earth, in the city of Mariner Bay, the Lightspeed Rangers start their day off right by rescuing people from a burning building. Joel puts the blaze out with some water bombs.
Elsewhere, on the thirteenth floor of an office building, a woman visiting her husband at work is abducted by Ghouls. Her daughter Heather manages to escape.
Triskull has the woman miniaturized and placed into a tube along with other victims. Their life forces are being drained by a machine.
Olympius confirms the plan with his new partner Triskull - the humans' energy will be used to restore Queen Bansheera to full power.
Upon Olympius' exit, the true mastermind steps out of the shadows - Trakeena! She will be using the energy for herself, to revert her once again to her green insect form and destroy the Galaxy Rangers' homeworld.
Triskull takes the form of a security guard to track down Heather, who was a witness to her mom's capture. She narrowly escapes being captured herself by whacking Triskull and the Ghouls with her ball.
She exits the building and is found by Carter, and tells him everything. After Triskull returns her ball, Carter decides to follow him and investigate the girl's allegations.
As the Lightspeed Rangers drive down the road, they stop when they find an injured Leo stumbling across. He tells them that Earth is in danger, and he has come from Mirinoi to help.
The Ghouls have tracked Leo down. The Rangers morph and fight them to protect Leo
Leo ends up protecting them, by by destroying the Ghouls with his Quasar Saber, unmorphed.
Carter and Heather follow Triskull into an alley, where they are ambushed by Ghouls. Carter is beaten and held down, while the Ghouls prepare to kill Heather.
At the last moment, Kai and Maya arrive, morphed into Galaxy Rangers. They help Carter defeat the Ghouls, and then they all take Heather back to the Aquabase.
Everyone meets at the Aquabase, and Leo briefs everyone on the situation. As they leave to find Triskull, Heather insists on tagging along.
All eight Rangers head for the hills, and find Triskull. He summons an army of Ghouls from the ground, and the Rangers attack.
Carter powers up his Battle Booster and charges Triskull, but he is easily overpowered.
Triskull strikes back and blaststhe Rangers off their feet, forcing them to unmorph, and then retreats.
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