Force from the Future, Part 1 - Power Rangers Time Force

Force from the Future, Part 1
Airdate: February 03, 2001

The year is 3000. The world is a peaceful place, thanks to the Time Force, an international peacekeeping organization.
Time Force is hot on the trail of thelast remaining fugitive, Ransik, who has holed himselfup in a building in an attempt to travel into the past.
The Red Ranger, member of the Time Force, bursts in to take Ransik under arrest. Ransik puts up a fight.
The rest of the Time Force troops look on from outside as an enormous explosion blasts the front.
Alex was successful, and brings out a defeated and shackled Ransik, along with his time travel device.
As he awaits for the verdict on Ransik's trial, Alex proposes to Jen. She gleefully accepts.
The holo-judges appear before the court to deliver the verdict - Ransik is found guilty and is sentenced to cryogenic containment.
Four Time Force operatives are assigned to transport Ransik to the cryo-prison - Jen, Trip, Lucas, and Katie.
Ransik's daughter Nadira stops the motorcade and attacks Katie and Trip.
A couple of fliers then attack and tip over the truck holding Ransik.
The whole team is knocked out. Ransik and Nadira are joined by Frax, and they all make their getaway.
They make their way to the cryo-prison, where Nadira storms in and takes it over.
The team's failure gets them fired from Time Force.On their way back to the city, Trip telepathically picks up Ransik's plan.
At the cryo-prison, Frax hooks up the time travel device Ransik tried to use before, and gets it ready to blast them all into the past.
Alex shows up outside of the prison, and is greeted by Ransik, whotakes him down just as the rest of Time Force arrives.
Ransik heads back into the cryo-prison and activates the device. The trio makes their trip back in time to conquer the past.
Jen holds the injured Alex. Just before he passes out, he gives her his morpher and tells her to get the four others to stop Ransik.
Jen, Trip, Lucas, and Katie steal a time ship from the Time Force compound, and along with all five morphers, head back in time to follow Ransik.
  • Although some may think Alex died, I don't think he did. The paramedics attended him as if he were still alive. Besides, he will need to be around to appear as the Quantum Ranger.
  • It seems odd that the Rangers still had enough security clearance to steal a time ship and morphers even after they were fired from Time Force.
  • Sentenced to cryogenic containment for life? What the heck does that mean? If you are cryogenically contained, you don't age, so what is life? "Permanent cryogenic containment" would have sounded more appropriate.
  • Why the heck did Alex have a car with wheels? All cars but his seemed to fly in that time, and even when they travel on the ground, they hover.
  • So they are travelling to 2001. That should put them somewhere in between Power Rangers in Space and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. But will this be the case? I am willing to bet that they will meet the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers in 2001. Shame on them if they do.
  • When the Trans Warp Megazord was about to launch the time ship, I thought it was going to try and stop them.