Force from the Future, Part 2 - Power Rangers Time Force

Force from the Future, Part 2
Airdate: February 10, 2001

The team escapes the crash landed time ship just before it blows. Jen gives out the Chrono Morphers
The teammembers each grab their respective morphers and strap them on. They lock on to their DNA.
They then head for the city of Silver Hills, and scan the area with their Oakleys.
They find Nadira and company pulling a hiest at a jewelry store.
The team members activate their morphers, but nothing happens!
They are forced to fight Nadira's soldiers, the Cyclobots.
Jen hunts downNadira and goes one on one with her. Nadira flees and leaves Jen to the Cyclobots.
The Cyclobots are busting up Jen, but she is saved just in time by a mysterious stranger on a bike.
He takes off his helmet, revealing his remarkable resemblance to Alex. Jen is in shock over this, and is nearly brought to tears. The other Rangers soon arrive, and they all gasp when they see him. Wes decides to split.
Circuit discovers that they cannot morph because the Red Chrono Morpher needs to be used before the others can work. It can only be used by someone with Alex's DNA, and they suspect that Wes fits the bill.
Jen tracks down Wes, and interrupts his spoiled, posh lifestyle to ask for his help. Wes laughs it off, and an angry Jen is called away.
She meets the others and they all head for town, where Ransik is leading an attack. The four powerless Rangers are beaten up in battle.
Jen is flung, but she is caught in mid-airby Wes, who has decided to help out the team after all.
He straps onthe morpher,and it works. Everyone is able to morph into the Time Force Rangers.
They show off their Matrixmoves by dodging a hail of firepower shot by an army of Cyclobots.
Then they rush in and battle the Cyclobots, making short work of the nuts and bolts army.
As advised by Circuit, the Rangers call on their weapons.
Only Nadira, Frax, and Gluto are left. Gluto gets a flurry of kicks from Jen.
The three are knocked out with a finishing move by Jen. Nadira, Frax, and Gluto retreat - for now.
The team powers down, and Jen takes back Wes' morpher and tells him that they don't need his help anymore. As an indifferent Wes walks away, Katie, Trip and Lucas wonder if they will be able to make do without him.
  • Ugh - did Gluto fart to fly??
  • Whoa, those guns Trip and Katie had were totally huge-mongous!
  • Circuit is actually pretty cool, he is not as annoying as one would have thought.
  • Total Matrix rip off moves.
  • That was some pretty nice techno-like music during the battle. Very un-Power Rangers -like.
  • I like how the morphers are still visible when they are Rangers.