Something To Fight For - Power Rangers Time Force

Something To Fight For
Airdate: February 17, 2001

Ransik's mutation seem to be going out of control. Only with medication does he keep it in check.
While sifting through the wreckage ofthe Time Ship, the team gets a messagefrom Captain Logan. He offers them weaponry should they need it.
On his way to a board meeting, Wes finds Nadira and her goons up to no good. He fights them but gets the stuffing knocked out of him.
Just as Nadira is about to dealthe death blow, the Rangers show up and save Wes. Poor Nadira gets a fingernail broken by Jen.
Jen gives Wes a talking to, about how he should not interfere with Ranger matters, and about how he has never fought for anything in his life.
Wes is feeling pretty worthless at this point, until Trip sneaks into the Collins compound to ask him to help the Rangers.
Wes goes to Jen at the Time Ship wreckage, and asks for a chance to help them out. He may never have fought for anything before, but it doesn't mean he can't now.
At Ransik's cryo-prison headquarters, a frozen mutant criminal is reanimated and unleashed on the city. He begins by blasting away the local police.
Circuit alerts the Rangers. Jen finally gives in and gives Wes the Red Chrono Morpher. The team morphs.
Trip whips out the Time Jet, which was shrunken in a metal case. The Rangers board it, and Wes pilots.
They reach the location of the mutant's attack. Wes gives him a Time Strike.
Cutting the mutant exposes his DNA, making him grow into a giant.
Circuit contacts Captain Logan in the future for a little assistance.
Logan sends over the Time Fliers through the time portal.
The Rangers take control of the Time Fliers and form the TimeForce Megazord mode blue. Then they show off more Matrix moves.
They transform again, this time forming the Time Force Megazord mode red, and take out the mutant with a saber.
The mutant reverts into his cryogenically frozen state, and is imprisoned by Jen into a container.
Wes tries to hand the morpher back to Jen, but she lets him keep it. The team rejoices at their new Red Ranger.
  • So the monsters won't be destroyed, but rather reimprisoned. I guess Time Force does not believe in capital punishment.
  • I don't think the Rangers will be travelling "back and forth through the ages", everyone seems to be pretty much stranded in the year 2001.
  • The shrunken Time Jet reminded me of Bulma's capsules from Dragon Ball.
  • Katie doesn't seem to be just naturally strong, she seems to possess superhuman strength. Perhaps a product of futuristic genetic engineering?