Jen's Revenge - Power Rangers Time Force

Jen's Revenge
Airdate: March 24, 2001

Wes wakes up late and meets up with Jen to train, but she tells him off for not being able to keep up with her.
Ransik gives a load of cash to the reanimated bounty hunter, Fatcatfish, to destroy the Rangers.
Frax is not too happy with Fatcatfish when he destroys a few Cyclobots to prove how tough he is.
Themoney hungry Nadira charms Fatcatfish into spending all of his money on her, and then she dumps him.
To get the second half of his fee from Ransik, he has to destroy the Rangers, so he blows some buildings up.
The Rangers show up right on time, and Jen menacingly points her blaster at Fatcatfish.
She remembers Fatcatfish, and recalls when she and Alex took him in over in the future.
Her memories of Alex make her go looney, and she sets her blaster to destroy. The Rangers struggle with her to hold her fire.
This lets Fatcatfish get away. He meets up with Frax, who tells him that Ransik wants to see him that night.
It's all part of a scam, as he then delivers to Jen a fake holo-message of Fatcatfish tipping her off to where Ransik will be that night.
All goes according to Frax's plan. Ransik shows up to meet Fatcatfish.
And then Jen shows up to arrest Ransik, thanking Fatcatfish for the tip.
Jen is way in over her head, as Ransik gets the best of her, and Jen is given quite a beating.
As he is about to finish her, his condition resurfaces, and he writhes in pain, calling for his serum.
The Rangers finally show up and take the unconscious Jen away. Frax takes away the ailing Ransik as well.
After she recovers, Jen sneaks out of the clock tower, finds Fatcatfish, and takes aim to blow his face off.
The other Rangers catch up to Jen. Wes convinces her to stop by asking her what Alex would do.
As she pulls back, Fatcatfish attacks, and Jen takes him down with her Chrono Saber.
When he grows into a giant, the Rangers call the Time Jets, and form a tornado with the jet mode.
Jen gets the honors of striking down Fatcatfish with the Time Force Megazord saber.
Wes and Jen put away the miniaturized mutant into a cryo containment unit.
Back at the clock tower, Wes and Jen share a tender moment, and are teased about it by Katie and Trip.
  • I wonder how an acclaimed bounty hunter such as Fatcatfish would end up on the wrong side of the law, and in jail?
  • For as long as Power Rangers has been around, the Rangers have always mercilessly killed monsters. Now you have Time Force, who uses non lethal force, and does not want to kill mutants!
  • Why didn't Jen storm the hideout morphed?
  • Who directed this episode, John Woo? Look at Jen go with the dual gun action, and the spinning!
  • Frax's treacherous nature has been revealed. Will it lead to future betrayals by this ambitious robot?