Worlds Apart - Power Rangers Time Force

Worlds Apart
Airdate: April 21, 2001

Jen lectures the team as she reviews their sloppy battle tactics.
They're called away on a clean-up job, where Wes' dad finds him and belittles him and his work.
Nearby, a robbery by Nadira is stopped by Mr. Collins new task force - the Silver Guardians.
Wes knows one of the soldiers, Eric, but receives a cold reception from his old schoolmate.
Wes was just about Eric's only friend at prep school, until Eric got fed up and dropped out.
Eric tells Mr. Collins that he knows where to find his son, but Mr. Collins isn't the least bit interested.
The treacherous Frax hatches his latest sceheme with another X-Vault mutant.
The mutant begins his attack on Silver Hills, terrorizing citizens.
The Silver Guardians are immediately dispatched.
The Rangers arrive first, and they battle some Cyclobots.
The Silver Guardians arrive and help the Rangers by opening fire on the Cyclobots.
Which allows the Rangers to focus their efforts on battling the mutant, although unsuccessfully.
Mr. Collins watches nearby as the Rangers get pummeled.
When the Guardians interfere in the battle with the mutant, Wes takes a blast meant for the captain.
The blast leaves Wes laying face down in a small crater.
He awakens with his visor shattered, revealing his identity.
Eric is startled to find out that Wes is the Red Time Force Ranger.
Mr. Collins runs to Wes, and they have another argument about Wes' future.
Wes' takes out his aggressions towards his father out on the mutant, and delivers a time stirke.
That and a Vortex blast finish off the mutant menace.
Nadira and Ransik accuse Frax of treachery, but he convinces them that robots are incapable of thinking for themselves.
Mr. Collins asks Wes to join the Silver Guardians. Wes refuses, and puts down his dad for only thinking of money, since the Guardians only protect paying customers.
  • Between this and the Raimei incident, Mr. Collins should know that these mutants are way out of his league!
  • Any episode where a Ranger gets his visor broken is a good one!