The Last Race
Airdate: July 07, 2001

The team's struggle for their last donut makes Lucas swerve out of control and get pulled over, getting him a trip to driving school.
Nadira dons a new, classier look to go rob a jewelry store.
She makes a getaway with her new mutant boytoy, Dash, who is an excellent driver.
The next morning on another heist, Nadira and Dash are stopped by the Rangers.
Seems like Dash and Lucas are old friends. Lucas urges him to leave Nadira's side, but Dash hops back in the car and takes off with her.
He later tells the rest of the team about how he and Dash were friendly rivals on the track as race car drivers, and how Dash was imprisoned after his reckless driving hurt people.
Nadira and Dash takeon civilian guises and go on another shopping spree.
Dash ditches Nadira to have lunch with Lucas, where he challenges him to one last race. Lucas accepts.
Lucas brushes up on his skills as he serves time at driving school
Coincidentally, he runs into Dash and Nadira making another getaway. Dash begins the last race.
Lucas swerves in and makes Dash stop, barely stopping him from hitting a group of kids. Dash thinks twice about his behavior.
Nadira won't accept her driver's change of heart, so she zaps him, and gives him armor that also controls his actions.
The other Rangers arrive ready to back Lucas up.
The out of control Dash knocks out the Rangers and goes straight for Lucas.
Nadria fires a blast at the Rangers.
The explosion exposes Dash's DNA, making him grow.
The Rangers use the Time Force Megazord to blast off Dash's armor.
Dash comes to his senses,and lets the Rangers take him in.
Lucas puts his old buddy on ice, and knows that one day he will be back on the fast track.
Lucas gets a visitoratwork - the driving instructor shows up to get race car driving lessons.
  • As soon as a I saw that asian saleperson, I knew it was to accomodate Sentai footage.
  • Bananas and ketchup - yum yum!
  • They should have given the cop the last donut, maybe he wouldn't have given Lucas the ticket.
  • This episode was too similar to "Blue Streak".