Movie Madness, Part 1 - Power Rangers Time Force

Movie Madness, Part 1
Airdate: July 21, 2001

Jen chews out Wes and Trip for making too much noise as they get excited over a western movie they're watching.
When Katie enters with news that they are filming a Frankie Cheng movie down the block, Jen gets excited herself, and orders everyone there.
It turns out that Frankie is Jen's favorite star. The team watches him film a movie similar to Rumble in the Bronx.
When one of the stuntmen gets injured, Wes convinces the director to let him take his place in the scene.
Wes gets into costume, and prepares to fight Frankie.
Things get rough when Wes discovers that Frankie is really trying to kill him!
Wes isthrown off a building and hurled by an explosion.
When he angrily confronts the director, he turns into Cinecon, who zaps the Rangers into other dimensions.
Lucas finds himself in an old samurai movie, facing other warriors.
Katie winds up in a cheesy musical.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Jen. She is transported into an old Hong Kong martial arts film.
Circuit turns the only person he knows can help, and pleads with Eric to help him find the Rangers.
Cinecon appears, and sends a team of Cyclobots to "audition" Eric.
He gets the part, and is zapped into a jungle world, as Tarzan.
Nadira begs her father to let her be in Cinecon's new movie, so he can make her famous.
Ransik asks, and then threatens Cinecon to put Nadira into a scene from his movie.
A star is born - Nadira steps out of her trailer, ready for her close-up.
Wild Wild Wes - Trip and Wes find themselves inan old western.
Nadira shows up and accuses the two of stealing her daddy's boots! She puts a ransom on their heads.
Every varmint inthesaloon goes after them. Trip ends up getting knocked out of the joint.
He sneaks away and calls Circuit on his Chrono Morpher.
Lucas battles samurai warriors to save a damsel in distress.
Katie is having a ball getting swept off her feet on the dance floor.
Jen battles warriors wearing bad bald caps for a scroll.
Eric is trapped by some savages who prepare to marinate him for dinner.
Wes is surrounded by Nadira and a squad of Cyclobots.
  • The long blonde hair, the shiny shirt - Wes totally looked like WWF Superstar Christian.
  • Eric made a great Tarzan - he looks just like the Disney version.
  • Katie didn't seem to be in too much danger in her dimension..
  • Nadira looked totally hot in that cowgirl outfit, as did Jen in that chinese get-up.
  • "What do you think I'm doing here, a kid's show? She's not even an actress, I won't use her!" - Oh I bet you Kate Sheldon haters loved that line.