Beware The Knight - Power Rangers Time Force

Beware The Knight
Airdate: September 22, 2001

In an unknown time and place, a black knight defeats a white knight, and steals a mysterious box.
As Trip makes a pizza run for the team, he encounters the black knight, who nearly slices him.
Trip gets back with trampled pizza, and the Rangers don't believe him about the knight attack.
The knight can't open the box he stole. It can only be opened by the pure of heart. He leaves it in a cave, protected by a dragon.
Later that night, the Rangers spot the knight outside a movie theater.
The Rangers morph and go after him.
The knight beats the stuffing out of the Rangers, and rides off.
The next day, Wes waits in the woods until sunset, to find the knight.
He spots the knight riding into town. He contacts the Rangers to intercept him, while he backtracks the knight's path to see where he came from.
Wesfinds the cave, and is attackedby the dragon, who tries to flame broil him.
Wes morphs and destroys the dragon.
Hethen opens the box, and is rewarded with the Battle Fire.
The Rangers find the knight, but he knocks them out, and brutalizes Jen.
Wes arrives, and shows the knight his new Battle Warrior armor.
He uses a finishing move, and destroys the knight.
The team then sticks a sword in front of the cave, sealing it.
Back home, Wes exagerrates about his battle with the dragon, saying it had three heads.
The Rangers worry when Trip comes back withtrampled pizza again, but this time, he just dropped it.
  • Whose sword did they stick into the ground? What was the purpose of sealing the cave?
  • It was pretty cool that most of the episode took place at night.
  • Where did the black knight come from? How did he come to appear in present day?