Reflections Of Evil - Power Rangers Time Force

Reflections Of Evil
Airdate: October 06, 2001

Katie teases Lucas about how he is always looking at himself in the mirror. She accidentally breaks it.
While trying on some clothes, Nadira gets a visit from Miracon. They hatch a plan to destroy the Rangers.
Miracon stands on a rooftop and begins blasting at everything with a magic mirror.
The Rangers race to the rooftop, but only find the mirror. Jen chews out Lucas for checking himself out.
They see Miracon enter the building. When they follow him in, they find a circle of mirrors. Lucas once again checks himself out.
The reflections come alive and suck the Rangers into mirror worlds.
The Rangers are erratically taken betweenmirror worlds, where they face old and new mutants.
One by one, they destroy each mutant, bringing them closer to exiting the mirror world.
A new face, Angelcon, brings with him an army of Cyclobots.
The final mutant, Miracon, sneaks up on Wes as he wanders around.
Eric shows up at the building, and finds the circle of mirror. He tries to help Wes, but his blasts bounce back.
So he morphs and enters the mirror world, and helps Wes fight Miracon.
They both double team Miracon and take him out.
When Miracon grows into a giant, the Rangers call the Zords.
Miracon zaps the Time Shadow, making it turn against the Rangers.
Eric calls the Q-Rex, and sends a flying fist at Time Shadow.
The hit puts the Time Shadow back on the Rangers side. All of the Zords put Miracon back on ice.
With Miracon down, the Rangers are freed from themirror world. Theyfind the shrunken mutant and contain him.
Ransik shines his sword up, as he prepares to hunt down Frax.
Katie gives Lucas a new mirror, but he refuses it. They clown around, and break this mirror too.