Circuit Unsure - Power Rangers Time Force

Circuit Unsure
Airdate: October 20, 2001

When the Rangers coax Circuit into telling them about the future, he has a memory lapse, and can no longer access the data.
At the cryo-prison, Ransik scrambles for a frozen mutant, and finds only two left. He takes one out to attack the city.
Meanwhile, Frax works on his latest robotic creation at his hideout, which utilizes Trixyrium crystals.
Circuit tries to make himself useful, but everyone declines his help. Feeling dejected, he leaves the tower.
Trip finds him at the beach, and tries to make him feel better. They are cut short when they notice smoke coming out of the Space Center.
Ransik's mutant Serpicon has taken over the Space Center. He ties up the staff and sets the center to self destruct.
The Rangers arrive at the Space Center, and get a message from Trip, who isalready inside. He tells the Rangers to wait outside.
Trip makes it to the mainframe, and scrambles to deactivate the self-destruct sequence. Circuit won't help, since he has no confidence in himself.
Trip screws up, and takes the countdown from 20 minutes to 3.
Eric and the Silver Guardians show up, but they can't do much in 2 minutes.
The Rangers morph and bust into the place. The Guardians are there battling Cyclobots.
As they make their way towards Trip, Katie holds up a closing door. The countdown hits zero, but the open door halts the self destruct.
Outside, Eric and Serpicon duke it out, and hit a standstill.
Circuit still won't help, thinking he will screw things up.
Alex calls Circuit, and tells him that he didn't malfunction. Alex prevented him from accessing the files.
Eric and Serpicon have an old fashioned duel, and Eric wins.
Circuit gets his groove back, and successfully stops the self-destruct sequence.
When the Rangers getoutside, they findthe battle between Eric and Serpicon escalated.
Circuit gets caught in the crossfire, and gets knocked out. Without him, the Rangers can't call the Zords.
The board the Time Jet and help Eric out by firing at the mutant.
Q-Rex finishes him off with the Max Blizzard attack.
Frax has completed his creation, and makes plans to unleash him on the city.
Circuit wakes up, and finds the Rangers crowded around him, glad to see him back online.
Alex watches from the future as strange vortexes open up in the sky over Silver Hills in 2001.