A Calm Before The Storm - Power Rangers Time Force

A Calm Before The Storm
Airdate: October 27, 2001

Yes, we have no mutants - Ransik is at the end of his rope, with no more mutants left in containment.
With the mission coming to a close, Wes and Jen talk about the things they will miss when they part ways.
Downstairs, the Rangers look forward to going back to the future, but will also miss the year 2001.
Collins' staff has discovered how to make Trixyrium crystals, which can supply great power.
Eric goes to the clock tower to tell the Rangers that Collins is developing the Trixyrium crystals.
Wes has a talk with his dad, and tells him about Time Force. He urges him to halt development on the crystals.
Frax unleashes his newest robotic creation, Max Axe.
Eric and the Silver Guardians show up and battle him.
When the other Rangers arrive, Frax holds them off.
Eric attacks Max Axe with the Quantum Defender.
The attack makes Max Axe grow into a giant.
Eric calls on the Q-Rex. They combine powers to destroy Max Axe.
An upset Frax knock the Rangers off their feet and teleports away.
As Ransik watches from a rooftop, he instructs Gluto to find Frax's lab.
Eric brings Wes the Trixyrium crystals from BioLab. It appears that Mr. Collins heeded Wes' words.
A transmission from Alex reveals to the Rangers that they do save the future, but they won't survive.
  • They shouldn't be so worried about the future. They've defeated destiny once before, they can do it again. As they've proven before, they're making their own destiny, yet Alex continues to plot their course.