The End of Time, Part 3 - Power Rangers Time Force

The End of Time, Part 3
Airdate: November 17, 2001

Wes continues his struggle against hundreds of Cyclobots.
Doomtron and the vortexes continue taking their toll on the city.
The Rangers board the Time Force Megazord, and take off to the past.
The jet enters the past, and knocks Doomtron out with a tornado.
The Rangers head for the heart of the destruction to help Wes.
A few high flying moves and mega sized blasts later, and the Cyclobots are reduced to a junk pile.
Wes asks the Ranger why they came back to help him. They've decided to make their owndestiny, and help him fight to save the city.
At the Cryo Prison, Ransik gets ready to head out and over see the battle. Nadira begs him to stop the fighting, but Ransik isn't having it.
Gluto has had enough excitement, so the coward freezes himself back into containment unit.
Trip modifies the Quantum Defender. Wes must use it on the Q-Rex to neutralize its Trixyrium crystal.
Doomtron is back on its feet, and renews its assault on the city.
Wes zaps the Q-Rex, and successfully converts the Blue Trixyrium crystal into a yellow one.
Using the power boost, the Q-Rex finishes off Doomtron with an immense blast, with Wes standing atop. The vortexes in the sky dissapear.
In the wreckage of Doomtron, Frax makes his last face, and falls apart in front of Ransik and Nadira.
Nadira tries again to make Ransik stop the hate, but he scolds her for mourning over Frax, and knocks her down.
Nadira runs to the aide of an abandoned baby. Scared and confused, she takes him and hides out.
The Rangers track down Ransik and corner him. With authority, Jen tells him he's under arrest.
Ransik won't go without a struggle. He fights with fierce determination, and brutalizesthe entire team.
Wes powers up the Battle Warrior armor, and goes one on one.
In a huge explosion, Wes hits the ground, and powers down.
And Ransik emerges in a haze, with his armor blown off, revealing a disfigured face with a misplaced eye.
A battered Jen stands up to Ransik. She vows to take him in, and taunts Ransik into chasing her.
Ransik chases Jen into a factory. When he spots some movement, he unleashes a powerful blast at it.
To his horror, he has blasted at Nadira, still holding the baby in her arms. He tells his daughter that he loves her.
Ransik hands Katie the baby. Mortified over nearly losing the one person he loved, Ransik turns himself in.
Wes meets the others at the time ship, as they say their goodbyes before heading back to the future.
Jen and Wes finally admit that they love each other, as they part ways with an emotional embrace.
Wes accepts his father's offer to lead the Silver Guardians, but only with Eric as his partner.
  • A very unsatisfying ending. It was kind of rushed, and left a few things hanging.
  • The fight was Ransik was spectacular. Ransik was no joke! If only Power Rangers fight scenes could be consistently this good.
  • Jen and Wes really should have kissed.
  • Ransik's change of heart should have been prompted by Nadira's death.
  • Ransik's face kind of reminds me of the Toxic Avenger.