The Bear Necessities - Power Rangers Wild Force

The Bear Necessities
Airdate: March 16, 2002

As Taylor hangs around an Air Force base, she remembers the time when she first met the Eagle Zord in the sky.
It led her to the Animarium, where she met Shayla and accepted her role as the Yellow Ranger.
Taylor finds two creepy kids sneaking out of the Air Force base. She lets them off the hook.
Cell Phone Org appears in the city, scrambling signals and eating cell phones.
Being the closest one, Taylor morphs and confronts the Org.
He jamsthe Growl Phone, and gives an unmorphed Taylor a beating.
He then sets up a jamming field over the entire city.
Taylor tries to hide, but she is discovered by two Putrids.
The creepy kids shows up and zap the Putrids with an energy wave.
The other Rangers arrive atthe city, and find that they're unable to morph.
Passed out from her beating, Taylor remembers the time in an airplane, when she saw the Animarium.
She wakesup to find the creepy kids, who have healed her injuries.
The Rangers are on the run from Cell Phone Org. Alyssa has a plan.
Taylor owes the boys one, so she helps them sneak into the Air Force base.
Inside, they are transported to a canyon, where the boys ask Taylor to grab two flowers from the bottom.
As she climbs down, she slips, and plummets towards her death.
The Rangers attack Cell Phone Org, taking out his antenna. The jamming field dissipates. The Growl Phones are back online.
Taylor manages to morph just in time. She snags the flowers and flies back. Theboys thank her by giving her a couple of nuts.
Taylor heads back to the city and joins the other Rangers. They form the Jungle Sword.
The Rangers go 1-800-CALL-ATT on Cell Phone, and slash him right down the center.
But of course, he is brought back from destruction, and is turned into a giant. His signal jamming powers wreak havoc on the Megazord.
As the Megazord stumbles around helplessly, the Rangers notice the two creepy boys nearby.
They sprinkle each other with flower dust and turn into the Polar Bear and Black Bear Wild Zords.
Their nuts turn into animal crystals.
The bears transform into arms for the Megazord, forming the Double Knuckle mode. It blasts the Org to smithereens.
The Megazord quickly detaches, tossing the Rangers and all of the Power Animals away. The Lion seems to be falling ill, and Cole worries.
  • Unlike Taylor, you shouldn't accept nuts from strangers.
  • Taylor sure got a real beat down.
  • Great flashbacks of Taylor's origin.