Revenge Of Zen-Aku
Airdate: April 27, 2002

Toxica chats with Zen-Aku to find out how much he remembers of his past.
They're interrupted by the Rangers, who demand to be given back their animal crystals.
The Zords come out and play. Wild Force Megazord vs. Predazord.
Zen-Aku summons the Elephant, now an evil servant.
He also summons the Giraffe Zord, which combines with Predazord to form spear mode.
He delivers a devastating attack at the Wild Force Megazord, breaking it apart, and sending the Rangers flying.
As the Rangers lie helplesson the ground, Predazord goes in for the kill.
The Gorilla Zord shows up and saves the team with some banana bombs.
Zen-Aku hears an Org crying out for help. He frees it from a tomb.
Shayla and Taylor visit Zen-Aku's old tomb to try and gain some insight.
They are attacked by the Org Zen-Aku freed - Motorcycle Org.
He beats Taylor up, and Zen-Aku kidnaps Shayla.
The Rangers find Taylor. She tells them of her history with Motorcycle Org.
Back when Taylor was the only Ranger, she couldn't handle Motorcycle Org, so Shayla had to imprison him.
Zen-Aku speaks with Shayla. her necklace brings back memories.
He remembers giving Shayla the necklace.
The Rangers show up outside the hideout and call out the Orgs.
Taylor fights Motorcycle Org one-on-one, to settlean old score.
Zen-Aku fights the other four Rangers, and beats them all up.
As he goes in for the kill, Shayla steps in and stops Zen-Aku.
This gives Cole just enough time to attack Zen-Aku with the Lion Fang.
Taylor takes down Motorcycle Org with the Golden Eagle Sword.
Zen-Aku summons the Predazord, who attacks with the Predator Wave.
The Rangers counter with the Kongazord, but both Megazords end up going down.
Zen-Aku goes after Shayla again, and has a stand off with Taylor.
He takes her down, and steals her Bear animal crystals.
Shayla notices that Zen-Aku is bleeding, and his blood is red!
As Zen-Aku walks away, the Rangers mourn the loss of more Zords.