Secrets And Lies - Power Rangers Wild Force

Secrets And Lies
Airdate: June 08, 2002

Master Org reprimands Toxica for her "power play". Just as he is about to kill her, Jindrax steps in and bails her out.
After a hard day of searching for his parents, Cole meets Alyssa after school. She comes up with an idea.
They go to the library and she uses Google to look for info on his parents.
Before the crappy inkjet can print out the findings, they're called away to fight an Org by the riverside.
They morph and face off against the latest menace - Signal Org.
He blasts Cole with the red light, making him lose his memory.
Then he blasts themboth with red, sending them hurling to parts unknown.
The Rangers find Alyssa and tells them that Cole is missing. They set out to search for him.
Cole washes up on a farm somewhere, and is found by the farmer's daughter.
"Don't worry Marty, you're safe and sound back in good old 2002."
Alyssa stops by the library to pick up her print out, and finds some startling information.
As the others continue their search, Max gets the idea to look at a farm, since Cole likes animals.
Cole shows off his affinity for animals by helping Bessie get a nail out of her hoof and milking her.
Alyssa shows the others the article, which shows that Cole's parents are dead. She then debates on whether it would be better to leave Cole in this new life.
But of course Taylor reasons with her, and they end up pulling Cole away.
No sooner is the team reunited than Signal Org shows his ugly face again.
The Rangers protect Cole, who has no idea what's going on.
He watches helplessly as histeammates get clobbered.
Taylor tosses him his Growl Phone, and tells him how to morph.
They form the Jungle Sword, and Cole tries using it on his own at first.
Then Taylor tells him how it's really done, and they slice Signal Org.
With Signal Org down, Cole regains his memory.
Toxica revives him as a giant.
Wild Force Megazord Spear mode makes short work of him.
While searching through Master Org's stuff, Toxica and Jindrax find a picture of him as a human.
When he finds them snooping, Toxica blasts Master Org's helmet off, confirming her suspicions that he is human after all.
Master Org zaps the two, and turns them into submissive slaves.
Cole visits his parents' grave. Cole's own tombstone is also there. Taylor gives him hope - if he survived, they may have too.
  • Who woulda thought that the Growl Phones would have their own phone numbers?
  • It was nice to see Jindrax stick up for Toxica.