Reinforcements from the Future, Part 1
Airdate: July 27, 2002

For speeding in her new set of wheels, Taylor is given a ticket by a very familiar Silver Guardian.
Three creatures appears and wreck some cars. They speak a strange language, and wield an odd device.
Jindrax and Toxica try to recruit the creatures, but they get beaten up and tossed aside.
The creatures start causing trouble in the city during the day.
Identified as mutants, the creatures are confronted by the Silver Guardians, led by Wes and Eric.
When things get ugly, they morph into Time Force Rangers.
They don'tdo much better. The mutants have them on the run.
The Wild Force Rangers arrive just in time, and make the Orgs retreat.
The Rangers meet, and get off to a rocky start when Taylor recognizes Eric as the one who ticketed her.
Back the Animarium, the Rangers fill in Shayla, while Taylor stews over Eric's attitude.
Eric and Wes contact Trip to find out if any mutants escaped the future. Three fugitives did indeed escape, and Jen was sent to find them, but is missing.
As the three villains scheme, someone is spying on them with a device that translates their speech.
Wes and Eric find Taylor and offer to join forces to defeat the mutants. Orgs, Taylor corrects them.
Taylor takes them to Animarium, where they meet Princess Shayla.
They get a call from Trip, who tells them that these creatures are actually half mutant, half Org.
Taylor and Eric bond a little as they watch Danny and Max make fools of themselves.
The Rangers are going to need some help, so they pick up Nadira, who is working with children now.
Then the Rangers and Nadira pay a visit to Ransik in jail, and ask for his helpagainst the Mutorgs.
The Mutorgs show up at another random location.
Will they stand a chance against seven Rangers?
The better question is, will seven Rangers stand a chance against three Mutorgs?
They fight bravely, but the Mutorgs are way too tough.
Just as one of them is about to kill Wes, he gets blasted in the back.
It's Jen! Armed to the teeth and decked out in leather.
She provides enough cover fire for her to take Wes out of harm's way.
The Mutorgs combine their energies and form a spirit bomb.
They barely miss, and the Rangers all make it out alive.
The Mutorg's device leads them to the Nexus, where they pledge their allegiance to Master Org.
  • I find it odd for Silver Guardians to be issuing speeding tickets.
  • Taylor should have also been given a ticket for talking on her cell phone while driving.
  • Jen looked great in that outfit. Very Lara Croft.
  • This episode was written by former Power Rangers Online Archives webmaster Amit Bhaumik.