Sealing The Nexus
Airdate: November 02, 2002

When Toxica finds out that Master Org still has the Princess, she devises a plan to stop him.
Jindrax and Toxica go to the Rangers, who are busy searching for the Nexus.
They tell the Rangers to destroy the three statues generating a force field around the Nexus, and they'll go in and rescue the Princess.
The Rangers aren't sure whether or not to trust them, until Cole feels it out with his heart, and decides that the Duke Orgs are legit.
To increase the security around the Nexus, Master Org resurrects the three Org generals.
Merrick and Alyssa run into Nayzor while looking for the first statue.
At the second statue location, Taylor and Cole are ambushed by Retinaxe.
Danny and Max battle Mandilok by the third statue.
Master Org's ceremony has brought to life an Org heart, which he swallows.
Alyssa encourages Merrick to battle on, and resist Nayzor's mind games.
Danny gives up, but Max reminds him of their motto.
Taylor reminds Cole about their mission, which must be completed.
Merrick goes all out and pins Nayzor while Alyssa goes for the statue.
Danny gathers his strength and lifts Mandilok over his head while Max goes for the statue in the lake.
Taylor resists the energy blasts and pins Retinaxe agaisnt the wall, urging Cole to destroy the statue.
Max dives into the lake, and destroys the statue with the Fighting Fins.
Alyssa runs into the woods and destroys the second statue with the Tiger Baton.
Cole climbs a hill and destroys the final statue with the Lion Fang.
The beams of light fade, as the force field goes down.
Toxica and Jindrax go into the Nexus.
The Orgs and the Rangers all unite and continue their battle.
Toxica and Jindrax reach the Princess and bust her out.
On their way out, they see Master Org floating, and crumbling to dust.
The generals combine their weapons into the Nexus Blade, and strike.
The Rangers get back up and form the Jungle Blaster.
They each struggle to overcome the other team's blast.
In the end, the Rangers win, destroying the three generals.
Toxica, Jindrax, and the Shayla make it out just as the Nexus collapses.
Shayla and the Rangers thank the two Duke Orgs for their help.
They say their goodbyes, and hit the road, to "find themselves".
  • Why did Cole think that Toxica set them up? She did say that the statues "may be guarded".
  • That is so cute how Toxica gets jealous of the Princess when she kisses Jindrax.
  • Toxica told the Rangers to look for the pillars of light, but this was before the pillars actually materialized.